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Parents Of GA Teen Kick Him Out

Georgia –¬† The Georgia teen who convinced his school to let him attend the prom with his boyfriend has been kicked out of his home.

Derrick Martin was thrown from his house when his parent's learned he's gay.

Derrick Martin was thrilled when his school decided to let him bring his boyfriend to prom. Unfortunately once his parents were unaware he was gay until then, and when they¬†heard about the news they threw Derrick out of the house. Derrick is now staying at a friend’s house, but says he plans to still attend the prom. As a person who was also thrown out of the house when I was 17, I applaud Derrick’s couragiousness. Parent’s of queer children need to realize what their “morals” are costing their children. Queer teenagers are at an extremely high risk for suicide and this needs to stop!