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Georgia H.S. Ok’s Gay Prom Date

COCHRAN, Ga. — An 18-year-old senior at Bleckley County High School has won approval to bring a same-sex date to the school prom.

Derrick Martin says he first sought permission in January to bring his date to the April 17 dance at the school. Bleckley County High requires approval in advance for bringing a prom date from outside the county.

Principal Michelle Masters says there’s no school policy covering the subject of same-sex dates.
County schools superintendent Charlotte Pipkin says the board discussed the matter but did not take a vote.

Both Masters and Pipkin say the prom will go on as scheduled. Big difference from Mississippi schools!

More on this story from FoxNews


Reed Cowan and “The Mormon Proposition.” Pushing Too Far Or Just Right?

The latest film from film maker and news anchor Reed Cowan “8: The Mormon Proposition” has done nothing but catch headlines since it was announced to premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. And pro or con, it seems everyone’s got a strong opinion.

The far right-wingers and the LDS (Mormon) Church brass have thrown up instant cries of outrage and foul play, complaining that the film is nothing but an attack against the Church. Jeanne Malker of Cottonwood Heights Utah is a life-long member of the LDS / Mormon church and supporter of Prop 8, which stripped members of the LGBT community in California of their right to wed. “Well I think it’s disgusting,” Jeanne says, “..the [LDS] church is trying to shed light and happiness in the world, while this man [Cowan] is trying to tear everything down.” Even Cowan’s own sister, on a recorded phone call with Cowan, claimed that the film is attacking her faith and trying to tear down “God’s Commandments.”

Now boycotts are being called on Sundance, and local kook groups like the Meronites (Sutherland Institute, led by Paul Mero), as well as the Westboro Baptists are promising to be out in force.

Crazy huh? Just what on earth is this movie saying? Does it show Cowan spray-painting a temple, Book of Mormons being ripped up or a sacrament tray being dumped all over a Bishop? Um………no actually. The film itself actually is noticeably NOT anti-mormon, but rather chronicles the facts, programs and influences the LDS / Mormon church perpetuated to ensure the success of Prop 8 and the reaction and effect their actions had on people.

The Mormon faith teaches that it’s President and his advisors (a.k.a. the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) speak directly for God, and

Reed Cowan, Director

cannot be questioned without serious ramifications. As such, any real or perceived attack on the church is a direct affront on God. But the film isn’t a direct attack on the Church itself right? I asked Marlene Bell, resident of Salt Lake City on the East Bench,  why the Church or it’s members should be afraid of the film showing what they did during the Prop 8 campaign, if the Church is led by God shouldn’t they be proud to show their involvement? “It has nothing to do with the Church’s involvement in Prop 8, this is about one man trying to bring the Prophet down.” said Mrs. Bell, just before she stopped talking to me (HEY what did I do?).

But the Westboro Baptists and the other kooks may have more to deal with when they arrive in Park City then they bargained for. Both local and national Pro-Human groups are banding together quickly in what promises to be an amazing array of American citizens, all united in the belief that all citizens of our country deserve to be treated as such. Rumors are abounding, but big-name players are being rumored to be among those voicing support of the film and LGBT rights (No I will NOT drop names, they’re still rumors!)

Well either way, love it or hate it, 8: The Mormon Proposition is guaranteed to be one of the most controversial and most successful documentaries Sundance has ever seen. And if you’re anywhere near Utah this January, better get here quick. This is going to be huge.