NJ Gay Marriage Battle Back In Court

From Philly.com:

N.J. – The gay couples who sued New Jersey for the right to marry once before are heading back to court.

Six couples plan to file a motion Thursday claiming that the state is still discriminating against them even though it offers civil unions to same-sex couples.

A suit from the couples, plus one other, resulted in a 2006 state Supreme Court decision that came one vote short of requiring the state to legalize gay matrimony then.

After an effort to get lawmakers to legalize it fizzled out this year, the couples and lawyers from Lambda Legal are heading back to court.

The seventh couple isn’t part of the motion because one of the partners died.

Opponents say there’s no constitutional right for gay couples to wed.


Bigots Film Transgender Bathroom-Goers

Massachusettes – A bigot hate group calling itself “MassResistance” snuck into the Peabody Marriot Hotel this past week while the annual “First Event” transgender conference was taking place. With the purpose of “exposing the horror” of transgender men and women using the restrooms. Joe.My.God posted copy from this hate group’s statements:

Transgender madness in Massachusetts: The Peabody Marriott Hotel hosted the annual “First Event” transgender conference on January 15-17, 2009. These photos and videos illustrate the insanity that will descend on all of America . . . unless this sexual radical movement is stopped: Seven-foot men in dresses using the women’s restroom. Hundreds of cross-dressers swarming the hotel, upsetting other guests (who were not forewarned). A transgender rock concert. This is what protecting “gender identity and expression” really means. Mass. Bill H1728 (now before the Legislature) would punish any opposition to such madness with fines and jail time. Even schools would be opened up to cross-dressing children, transgender restrooms and locker rooms, and sports teams. Employers would be subject to new non-discrimination regulations. (At the federal level, ENDA would force this on the country if passed.)

I see this as bigotry at it’s lowest form. Those who make up the “T” in our community are most often those of us who have it hardest in life. Transgender men and women are least likely to be employed, have adequate housing and even those lucky enough to have jobs on average make under $25000 a year. And even though it’s rarely mentioned, I think we’re all aware that people who are Transgender sit at the bottom of the LGBT pile. It needs to change.

MassResistance belongs in a hole.

“Final Solution” For Gays – Group takes credit

The now infamous “Patriots For A Moral Utah” group played one of the most elaborate hoaxes on Utah the state has ever seen. Claiming to be the new America Forever or Eagle Forum, the group announced a citizen’s initiative which would require LGBT residents to either enter therapy and convert to heterosexuality or by loaded onto a train and be shipped off to San Francisco.

Backing the group up was an incredibly thourough and well-laid out bill, adding to the plausibility of the initiative. The story was picked up by Joe.My.God and the entire nation seemed to go crazy on it for a day. That in itself I think makes the satire a success, as it got people to stand up and do something, even if just for a day. What makes this story so scary is that even though they paralleled the 3rd Reich, it was still believable! Everyone still thought it could happen.

Today the group launched their website, utahfairsolution.com. The site continues the farce, but the activists also included a personal message on one of the pages outlining their full intent and reasons of why they chose to go on such a creative route. You know.. I say bravo. Well done for standing up and doing something that got people talking, even if it was a little unorthodox!

Group Proposes “Final Solution” To Gays In Utah

A group calling itself “The Patriots For A Moral Utah” held a press conference this afternoon calling for a “Fair Solution” to the issue of homosexuals in Utah. Speculation is flying fast as to whether this is an absolute crazy-right wing idea, or political satire. Below is their initial press release, provided by Joe.My.God

Patriots For A Moral Utah are pleased to announce a press conference tomorrow, at which time we will announce a new bill which outlining a solution to the problem of homosexuality in Utah. In the past 5 years it has become increasingly difficult and troublesome for the stead-fast and moral citizens of Utah to live their lives and their faith in peace, while the homosexuals continually force their choices and behaviors on us. This new legislation, titled the “Utah Fair Solution,” will offer a peaceful but effective end to the tribulation in our blessed state. Despite promises from the homosexual activists to be out in force at the press conference, our President Nora Young has scheduled the announcement for 1pm in the Capitol Rotunda (March 8th). Please Join us.

Paul Jackson
Public Relations
Patriots For A Moral Utah

At the press conference, Nora Young announced that their citizen’s initiative will force LGBT citizens to either enter therapy and convert to heterosexuality, or the state will provide amtrak train tickets for them to head off to San Francisco.

Look, I’m torn on the legitimacy of this. So here’s my thought.. if this is real, SCREW you moronic, idiotic, dream-land living bigots. You don’t have a chance in hell.However, if this is political theatre.. AWESOME hahahahahaha. Utah has been rampant with ugly and pointless message bills this session and it’s about time someone stood up and made a farce of it.

I guess time will tell.

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Gay Marriage Survives In New Hampshire

NH Rep Al Baldasaro (R) Says homosexuals can change their preference any time.

Concord NH – Supporters of the state’s new same sex marriage law in New Hampshire came out victorious over opponents who attempted to repeal the human-rights law this week. The NH legislature voted this week on a bill to amend the state constitution and to redefine¬† marriage back as only between a man and a woman.

Extremist Republicans in the house were sorely disappointed after only a half-hour of debate their bill was defeated, but that doesn’t mean they held back any punches. Virtually every previously-proven-false stereotype about gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people were pulled out in a last-ditch effort by legislators to destroy the state’s new found equality. Rep. John Cebrowski (R) said that, “The vast majority of adults out there know marriage is between man and women. To engage in this flight of imagination … with adults is downright cruel. It’s cruel and I don’t like it.” He also made the comparison of same sex couples getting married as being similar to a child playing Star Wars.

But the mentally-challenged dogma didn’t stop there. Representative Jordan Ulery claimed that, “This is absolutely not an issue of equal rights. This is a question of being open to procreation. This is an issue of natural law,” and Representative Al Baldasaro stated, “Homosexuals can change their sexual preference at any time.”

Fortunately wiser heads prevailed this time. Rep Robert Thompson, an out-and-proud gay man who married his husband under the state’s new law said, “We already have loving, committed same-sex marriage couples in New Hampshire. There has been no detrimental impact to anyone,” adding a personal note by asking his colleagues, “How has my marriage impacted upon your marriage, or how has it diminished the value of your marriage?”

In the end, the homophobic and bigoted bills stood almost no chance and were defeated 210-109.

For more of the craziness of Republicans in New Hampshire watch the video below. “No Disrespect!”

Utahns Studying Local Discrimination Against LGBTs

When the “compromise” first started rolling out, Utahns were told that a year-long study would be included to show legislators just what type of discrimination was happening in the reddest-of-red states. But Senate President Waddoups and Senator Neiderhauser decided it wasn’t a good idea. Taking the initiative, Equality Utah has announced that they will be launching a study of their own in an attempt to show our legislators what is happening to their constituents! I applaud this effort and encourage anyone inside of Utah to take the quick survey!

Click here to take the Anti-Discrimination Survey