NOM Doesn’t Care Judge Is Gay, But It’s Wrong

NOM's infamously bigoted commercial "Storm Coming"

In an update to Sunday’s story about Prop 8 Trial Judge Vaughn Walker being gay, NOM  (people from the “storm is coming” commercial) has released a statement that it doesn’t matter he’s gay.. he’s just incredibly biased.

While both official sides in the Prop 8 Trial case are both claiming that they don’t care about the orientation of Judge Walker and that it has not impacted the case, the far right asshats are flying in with their nonsensical rhetoric. NOM (LDS Inc. controlled National Organization for Marriage) released a statement saying, “We have no idea whether the report [of Walker’s orientation] is true or not. But we do know one really big important fact about Judge Walker: He’s been an amazingly biased and one-sided force throughout this trial, far more akin to an activist than a neutral referee. That’s no secret at all”

Queerty has some opinions on that, saying “..this move is true to form for the National Organization for Marriage.. It’s the “smiling bigot” phenomenon, where religious beliefs are slyly substituted for important secular responsibilities like “family and children,” hoping nobody notices. It’s imperative for NOM, and the defendants in Perry, to put distance between their goal (banning gay marriage) and their reasoning for it (it goes against religious teachings), because courts regularly shoot down arguments tied to the cross. And Brown’s statement repeats NOM’s earlier positions: They don’t have anything wrong with gay people, they just don’t want them screwing with their sacred institution.”

Of course these days anything NOM says is almost inconsequential as they’re under federal investigation for their ties to the Mormon Church and their direct and illegal involvement in the passage of Maine’s Anti-Gay Marriage law in 2009.


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  1. Posted by Adrian on February 9, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    A. Since when must, or even can, a judge be neutral?

    A judge is a human being and thus, automatically, has an opinion, an opinion that he forms through listening, contemplating, reading and knowing the law, and implementing the latter, and then coming to a judgment…………

    B. Anyone stating, or implying, that inequality is what god wants is a blasphemist, period!

    Jesus said, when I red the bible correctly, that ALL should come to him, regardless of creed, race and what ever! And as human beings are subject to what god and jesus stated, and are filled with sin, no human being should part what god has brought together, and who knows of the LDS or anyone else what god’s intention was when he brought two men or two women together, in love for eachother, and were is it written, in the bible or any other religious holy book, or the constitution, that anyone should be denied the happiness of sharing his or her life with another human being?

    C. The hypocrisy of the LDS and all religious institutions is overwhelming… especially when one considers and know that those who defend the values of marriage are breaking them by fi divorce, incest, child-abuse, and that all who claim to be defenders of god’s laws are unaware that no one ever has checked with god to see IF that what has been written down indeed was his law…. or simply a men’s idea of how things should be in the most perfect way and manner…….
    No one has ever been talking to or with god (unless being a total idiot), no one has a hot-line to heaven, and moreover, all religious books were written by human beings….. were we know all human beings have been, are and will be lying and trying to benefit from others!

    My opinion!


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