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Equality Spreads To Southern Utah

With most of the country still under shock at Salt Lake City’s human rights victory, the city council’s vote is impacting the rest of Utah as well.

Over the past week we’ve heard rumblings now from both Salt Lake County and Park City that their own ordinances providing workplace and housing rights / protections are soon coming. But now news is coming up from Southern Utah University (SUU) in Cedar City.

Two months ago, SUU’s Queer Straight Alliance Director Ashlie Meredith


Ashlie Meredith

noticed that Sexual Orientation was not listed along side of race, age, religion, sex etc. as deserving of equal protection and opportunity in the University’s policies and procedures handbook.

Since then, Ashlie Meredith has been leading the charge to have this discrimination removed from the school. On Nov 4th this year, the Student Senate passed a resolution asking the faculty to add sexual orientation. The resolution will now head to the faculty senate later this month, and if approved will then be sent on the the Board of Trustees in December.

Unfortunately however, the SUU Queer Straight Alliance have their work cut out for them. The University’s legal counsel Michael Carter has already advised the school against adding these protections, claiming they are unnecessary and unwanted by the community until the State Legislature passes these protections state-wide.

But with the passing of these lgbt human rights protections in Salt Lake City, the endorsement by the LDS / Mormon Church and the pending passage of the same rights in Salt Lake County and Park City, momentum is rolling and the school is coming under increasing fire.



Currently, only three university’s in Utah don’t include sexual orientation under their equal-opportunity clauses, Southern Utah University, Brigham Young University (BYU) and Utah Valley University (UVU, formerly UVSC).