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Paul Mero Pushing Mormons To Ignore The Church?

Paul Mero

In a press release last night, Sutherland Institute President Paul Mero announced a special event taking place tomorrow night where he will address the relationship between Mormonism and conservative thought.  Back-peddling much?

Since Sutherland Institute’s statements following the LDS / Mormon church’s support of SLC’s Fair Workplace and Housing ordinances, Paul Mero has been under some pretty heavy fire from Sutherland’s constituents, opponents and even the LDS / Mormon Church itself.

Jeffrey Holland of the LDS / Mormon Quorum of the Twelve (12) Apostles followed up the Church’s support of the city-wide gay rights ordinances with aJeffrey R. Holland call for the rights to be passed state-wide, saying, “Anything good is shareable.”

Unfortunately for Sutherland Institute and Mero, their entire organization and base of power is derived from their stance on gay rights aligning with the Church. So what happens now that the Church has gone ever-so-slightly more liberal?

The tile of Paul Mero’s speech for tomorrow night, Why I am a Conservative: The Relationship Between Mormonism and Conservative Intellectual Thought is pretty telling actually. Now I’m going to at least attempt to be nice and not point at the generally pompous title, which just drips with Mero’s usual “harrumph harrumph” as my family would say, but focus rather on the subject matter for the night. According to Sutherland insiders (who requested not to be named), the speech has a few different goals, but the primary goal is to assuage the mind of those supporters who are now upset with Sutherland Institute’s apparent break from the LDS / Mormon Church. “We have to try to stop the bleeding,” our source said.

As usual in any “sermon” given my Mero, the actual words coming out of his mouth mean little to nothing, just a hidden message coated in smarmy oil, wrapped in a deep voice and disguised in faux intellectual prose. But what is he actually saying? Well Paul really only has 3 ways to go here, he can either admit that Sutherland Institute was wrong and the LDS / Mormon Church has it right and support Fair Workplace and Housing ordinances for the LGBT community; Explain that Sutherland Institute cannot support these issues, but because of their beliefs in their religion they cannot continue to operate publicly; or the most likely of them all, try to convince their flock that they can still be good Mormons even if they’re fighting against the Church itself.

Hmmmmmm, tough decision for Paul I’m sure..