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Silencing the Christians

The American Family Association (AFA), long time anti-civil rights group are now enraged that their latest TV special, “Speechless; Silencing the Christians,” is not being aired everywhere that they want it to. Speechless began as a mini-series, but then was re-tooled into a 1 hour special that the AFA has been trying to get several TV stations nationwide to pick up and air. But up to this point, they have not been entirely successful.

According to an action-alert email sent out by the AFA, stations in Ohio and Michigan have refused to air the special. And WSPA in South Carolina offered an official apology after the special aired.

Why such a fuss? Well the special spends the hour breaking down the “Gay Agenda” that is destroying America, claiming it relies on 3 main strategies, De-sensitizing, Jamming (confusing the truth with lies and re-definitions)21p7pcykkxl_sl500_aa140_ and conversion . It relies heavily on a 1989 book titled “After the Ball; How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s.” In the book, authors Marshall Kirk (psychologist) and Hunter Madsen (advertising guru) go into detail how they believed the LGBTQ community might achieve equality. If you read the book, you will find that outside of the research, the authors also have included some satire worthy of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.Big guess as to what passages the AFA decides to focus on.

The special goes as far as to open with clips of anti-gay protesters being arrested, and claiming that they were treated SO abusively, for simply voicing their opinions. What they don’t show you however, is some of the same clips that they use, are from newscasts following those protesters throwing bottles at a PRIDE parade in Georgia in the mid-nineties.

What else can I say? Same old same old. Wise up already will you? America, even “Straight America” doesn’t fall for this junk anymore.


Despite Today, Pro-Gays Are Optimistic

Today the Utah Senate Judiciary Interim Committee denied the first of the Common Ground Initiative bills, proposing wrongful death benefits for same-sex couples 4 to 2.

The committee, led by such high-public names like Michael Waddoups and Chris Buttars heard extensive argument about the (very familiar) slippery slope that these rights may land the legislature on. Testimony after testimony focused soley on gay marriage, with a new push highlighting California, and showing what this “would” lead to. And despite excellent rebuttals by citizens like Linda Barney and Jeff Key, as well as Senators Scott McCoy and Ross Romero (the only YES’s on the committee), the measure went down.

And yet, despite the filled-to-capacity room of supporters who left with a feeling of gloom, Equality Utah and other local gay-rights groups say they are very optimistic.

“This is only the beginning..” said Lauren Littlefield, field coordinator for Equality Utah, “we have a lot of bills coming up, and we are truly fighting the good fight.” She also added, “we have a lot of work to do in these coming weeks, and I’m thrilled to see where this is heading.”

Many groups have events planned over the next few weeks that people can get involved in to show their support. Equality Utah’s next phone-banking session is this Thursday night (the 29th) at 5:30pm at their offices. PRIDE In Your Community is also hosting a Valentine’s Day event where members will carpool to rural Utah to talk with neighborhoods and legislators.

All in all, what is the day’s message? Hope. There is always going to be opposition, and we will never have everyone on our side. But let us not so soon forget that resounding call that moved so many of us, let us remember that when someone tells you that we cannot accomplish our dreams, YES WE CAN.

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