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Salt Lake County Votes YES to Non-Discrimination

I couldn’t say it better, so from the office of Equality Utah:

Salt Lake County now encompasses all of the portions of Utah that provide workplace and housing protections to it's LGBT citizens.

Yesterday Salt Lake County unanimously PASSED TWO Non-discrimination ordinances!

These ordinances protect LGBT residents of unincorporated Salt Lake County from being fired or evicted based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.  These areas include: Copperton, Magna, Millcreek, and Emigration Canyon.  This is a great victory for our community as Salt Lake County is the most populous county in the state.

Equality Utah continues to work with cities and counties across Utah to protect our gay and transgender residents from discrimination in housing and employment. Each time these well crafted ordinances pass – more and more LGBTQ people can live without fear of losing their jobs or their homes just because of who they are.


New Info On Mormon Church’s Anti-Gay Agenda

These guys just never stop! New information is now slowly beginning to leak from inside the LDS (aka Mormon) church about their Anti-Gay agenda.

Mormon President, Thomas S Monson

As many people are aware, the Mormon church recently managed to get itself into the good graces of some in the nation-wide LGBT community by supporting Salt Lake City’s new non-discrimination ordinances (barring discrimination in the workplace and housing ((with exceptions)) ). However, new documents being uncovered by Reed Cowan, director of the upcoming 8: The Mormon Proposition, which date back over 10 years ago show that church leadership has had this in their game plan all along.

Although the full documents may not be made public until late January, they allegedly outline a cold game being played by the Mormon Prophet and the “Quorum of 12

Dallin H Oaks

Apostles” against the national Gay and Transgender community. Dallin H. Oaks of the Latter Day Saint high command is quoted as saying, “ order to win the overall battle, there may have to be certain legal rights recognized for unmarried people, such as hospital visitation, strictly so opponents in the legislature will come away with something.” As many people may recall, this is almost identical to the documents that were discovered of communiques between the Mormon high command under the last church president Gordon B Hinckley during the fight for marriage equality in Hawaii. Oh yeah, and if you don’t know Dallin H Oaks, he’s the one who barely bothered to veil his comments when speaking to all members of the church earlier this year, calling LGBT people “filthy.” Then when he was called out on it he was also the one who said the “sufferings” of Mormon church members due to the backlash over Prop 8 was comparable to African-American sufferings in the south during the 1960’s.

So what does this mean for the nation and the more progressive states that are beginning to have the understanding that LGBT citizens are human (you know, progressive places like IOWA)? It means that the gold-laden and bloody hand of the LDS church is incredibly far-reaching, and if you’re not careful you’ll be stuck in the 18th century like us here in Utah. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on the full documents we’re hearing about. I guarantee I’ll have them to you in a heartbeat, and I have a feeling Monson won’t be thrilled.

Mayor Ralph Becker Signs Anti-Discrimination Laws

San Francisco signed Fair Workplace and Housing laws into effect with Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone in 1979, now 30 years later Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker signs his name to the list of champions of human rights.

This afternoon, before a crowd of 50-100 people, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker follow the recommendation of the Salt Lake Human Rights Commission and signed into law the recently approved Fair Workplace and Housing ordinances with cheers from onlookers. Earlier this year, the Human Rights Commission, led by Jon Jepsen delivered a report to the Mayor and the City Council detailing discriminations that are being visited on a large number of Salt Lake City residents. According to the report, members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community in Salt Lake are being unfairly treated, as under current laws in Salt Lake it is legal to fire, refuse to employ, evict and refuse housing based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Salt Lake is behind the majority of this country” when it comes to these rights said Jepsen, and something needs to be done about it. The Mayor went further and said he hoped these rights would spread “throughout the rest of the state.”


The American Family Association is up in arms about an elementary school janitor in Massachusetts who is undergoing the transition process from male to female. Below is a copy of their latest article on the issue.

“A pro-family advocate says parents in one Massachusetts town were perplexed when they received a letter from the school district explaining changes the janitor made over the summer break.

At the beginning of the 2008-09 school year, parents at the Clara Barton Elementary School in Oxford, Massachusetts, received a letter from the principal and superintendent, informing them that one of the school custodians had “changed his gender role” and is now a woman.

The school officials then informed parents that if their children, whose ages range from five-to-ten years old, ask school employees any questions concerning the custodian, they believe that “the best thing to tell them is that our custodian used to be a man. She has changed her gender and is now a woman.”

Brian Camenker with MassResistance is appalled. “Whether parents like that idea or not, [the school] decided that they were going to introduce this to kids if there were any questions. That’s extremely outrageous,” he contends. “The whole idea that someone like this should be in the public schools, of course, is beyond belief.”

He says his organization was made aware of the situation when the uncle of a student gave him a copy of the letter. “From what I understand, everybody is afraid to speak out because they are afraid that their kids will be treated badly [and be subject to] retribution by the school officials,” he notes.

Camenker believes parents are also fearful of liberals in the community and finds it troubling there is a climate of fear against speaking out. He adds that on the reverse side of the letter, school officials listed radical homosexual websites in order for parents to get more information on “transgender issues.” “

I went digging deeper into this story but the farther you went, the more awful and sickening it became. This poor woman is just doing her job and yet people don’t even want her in the school! But I must say that I felt SOOO bad for these student’s parents feel some form of shame or guilt at raising their bigoted voices, and setting that example for their kids.

As for the school, 5 – extremely big – stars for speaking out in a very positive manner, that both made no apologies for their janitor, but also recognized the inevitable concerns of some parents. The original letter, including the list of “radical homosexual websites” can be found here.