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Silencing the Christians

The American Family Association (AFA), long time anti-civil rights group are now enraged that their latest TV special, “Speechless; Silencing the Christians,” is not being aired everywhere that they want it to. Speechless began as a mini-series, but then was re-tooled into a 1 hour special that the AFA has been trying to get several TV stations nationwide to pick up and air. But up to this point, they have not been entirely successful.

According to an action-alert email sent out by the AFA, stations in Ohio and Michigan have refused to air the special. And WSPA in South Carolina offered an official apology after the special aired.

Why such a fuss? Well the special spends the hour breaking down the “Gay Agenda” that is destroying America, claiming it relies on 3 main strategies, De-sensitizing, Jamming (confusing the truth with lies and re-definitions)21p7pcykkxl_sl500_aa140_ and conversion . It relies heavily on a 1989 book titled “After the Ball; How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s.” In the book, authors Marshall Kirk (psychologist) and Hunter Madsen (advertising guru) go into detail how they believed the LGBTQ community might achieve equality. If you read the book, you will find that outside of the research, the authors also have included some satire worthy of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.Big guess as to what passages the AFA decides to focus on.

The special goes as far as to open with clips of anti-gay protesters being arrested, and claiming that they were treated SO abusively, for simply voicing their opinions. What they don’t show you however, is some of the same clips that they use, are from newscasts following those protesters throwing bottles at a PRIDE parade in Georgia in the mid-nineties.

What else can I say? Same old same old. Wise up already will you? America, even “Straight America” doesn’t fall for this junk anymore.


PRIDE In Your Community visits Utah County

Elaine and I spent the 31st knocking on 4 politicians doors in Utah County today. 2 senators answered their doors, Senator Dayton of Orem, and Senator Mark Madsen of Eagle Mountain. I wish I could say we received a warm reception, but such is not the case unfortunately.

We took home-made brownies with us this time, and focused the conversation on the Fair Workplace and Housing bill that Equality Utah is putting forward. We wanted to share why this bill is important to us personally, and how it will directly affect the lives of so many Utahns.

Senator Dayton talked to us for about 5 minutes in her foyer, but made it clear that she valued “protecting the rights of property owners.” She also stated that she doesn’t think that sexual orientation should be a protected status in the workplace, “in Utah you can fire someone for wearing a red shirt, it’s at-will employment and we should respect that” she says.

Senator Madsen didn’t even let us in the door. He answered the bell himself, and when we introduced ourselves, he said in a very annoyed tone that it was “incredibly inappropriate to come to his house.” I’m not sure if Senator Madsen is aware of this, but he’s an elected official, and when concerned citizens come to his door, especially one of his own constituents (I still own a house in Eagle Mountain), he should probably listen to what they have to say. We would completely understand if he couldn’t talk because his family was sitting down for dinner, or if we interrupted something, but the way he said it made it clear that we were not welcome to come talk to him.

My friends, we know that the majority of Utahns are on our side with  these rights, at least 2 independent polls have shown that. But our elected officials need to be shown! How much of a difference will it make to the legislators we’re going to go talk to on Valentine’s day if we have 50 people out combing their neighborhoods, and their neighbors call them and ask them to support us? We have the support, we have history and we have truth on our side. Stand up and make the difference!