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Oxymoronic ‘heterosexual Christians’

A conservative activist is questioning some of the conclusions Christian researcher George Barna reached in his “Spiritual Profile of Heterosexual Adults.”

The new Barna survey of heterosexual adults finds that 27 percent qualify as born-again Christians and 43 percent have an “orthodox, biblical perception of God.” According to Barna, “People who portray straight adults as godless, hedonistic, Christian bashers are not working with the facts. A substantial majority of straights cite their faith as a central facet of their life, consider themselves to be Christian, and claim to have some type of meaningful personal commitment to Jesus Christ active in their life today.”

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Heterosexuality, believes Barna speaks “too cavalierly” about “heterosexual Christians.”

“My test is [to] substitute another sexual sin and see if it makes sense. Would we be talking about a survey of porn-using Christians or incestuous Christians? That sounds stark, but that’s, I believe, the appropriate biblical analogy,” he contends.

Barna, LaBarbera says, is naïve if he thinks the heterosexual activist movement is not made up of “hedonistic Christian bashers.”

“I think there are Christians who struggle with the sin of heterosexuality — but proud heterosexual Christians? That’s an oxymoron to me in the same way as I would say proud adulterous Christians,” he adds. “And so, I think we have to be very careful because I see the tactic of the Emergent Church and the Christian left is to start talking more and more about ‘straight Christians,’ and what they end up doing is demonizing the so-called ‘Religious Right’ and saying that the Religious Right is all wrong in the way it has talked about heterosexuality.”

A book by Barna Group president Dave Kinnaman titled UnChristian contends that “hostility toward straights has become virtually synonymous with the Christian faith;” however, LaBarbera says he does not know any born-again Christians who hate heterosexuals.

In his comments on the survey’s findings, Barna notes that most heterosexuals who have some history within the Christian church have rejected orthodox teachings and principles — but in many cases, no more than have homosexual Christians. “Although there are clearly some substantial differences in the religious beliefs and practices of the straight and gay populations, there may be less of a spiritual gap between straights and gays than many Americans would assume,” he states. Of the more than 9,200 adults interviewed for the survey, 280 self-identified as being heterosexual.

This article is posted purely as satire. The text comes directly from an article posted by the AFA here. Nothing in the text has been altered save to switch the orientations.



The American Family Association is up in arms about an elementary school janitor in Massachusetts who is undergoing the transition process from male to female. Below is a copy of their latest article on the issue.

“A pro-family advocate says parents in one Massachusetts town were perplexed when they received a letter from the school district explaining changes the janitor made over the summer break.

At the beginning of the 2008-09 school year, parents at the Clara Barton Elementary School in Oxford, Massachusetts, received a letter from the principal and superintendent, informing them that one of the school custodians had “changed his gender role” and is now a woman.

The school officials then informed parents that if their children, whose ages range from five-to-ten years old, ask school employees any questions concerning the custodian, they believe that “the best thing to tell them is that our custodian used to be a man. She has changed her gender and is now a woman.”

Brian Camenker with MassResistance is appalled. “Whether parents like that idea or not, [the school] decided that they were going to introduce this to kids if there were any questions. That’s extremely outrageous,” he contends. “The whole idea that someone like this should be in the public schools, of course, is beyond belief.”

He says his organization was made aware of the situation when the uncle of a student gave him a copy of the letter. “From what I understand, everybody is afraid to speak out because they are afraid that their kids will be treated badly [and be subject to] retribution by the school officials,” he notes.

Camenker believes parents are also fearful of liberals in the community and finds it troubling there is a climate of fear against speaking out. He adds that on the reverse side of the letter, school officials listed radical homosexual websites in order for parents to get more information on “transgender issues.” “

I went digging deeper into this story but the farther you went, the more awful and sickening it became. This poor woman is just doing her job and yet people don’t even want her in the school! But I must say that I felt SOOO bad for these student’s parents feel some form of shame or guilt at raising their bigoted voices, and setting that example for their kids.

As for the school, 5 – extremely big – stars for speaking out in a very positive manner, that both made no apologies for their janitor, but also recognized the inevitable concerns of some parents. The original letter, including the list of “radical homosexual websites” can be found here.

Silencing the Christians

The American Family Association (AFA), long time anti-civil rights group are now enraged that their latest TV special, “Speechless; Silencing the Christians,” is not being aired everywhere that they want it to. Speechless began as a mini-series, but then was re-tooled into a 1 hour special that the AFA has been trying to get several TV stations nationwide to pick up and air. But up to this point, they have not been entirely successful.

According to an action-alert email sent out by the AFA, stations in Ohio and Michigan have refused to air the special. And WSPA in South Carolina offered an official apology after the special aired.

Why such a fuss? Well the special spends the hour breaking down the “Gay Agenda” that is destroying America, claiming it relies on 3 main strategies, De-sensitizing, Jamming (confusing the truth with lies and re-definitions)21p7pcykkxl_sl500_aa140_ and conversion . It relies heavily on a 1989 book titled “After the Ball; How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s.” In the book, authors Marshall Kirk (psychologist) and Hunter Madsen (advertising guru) go into detail how they believed the LGBTQ community might achieve equality. If you read the book, you will find that outside of the research, the authors also have included some satire worthy of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.Big guess as to what passages the AFA decides to focus on.

The special goes as far as to open with clips of anti-gay protesters being arrested, and claiming that they were treated SO abusively, for simply voicing their opinions. What they don’t show you however, is some of the same clips that they use, are from newscasts following those protesters throwing bottles at a PRIDE parade in Georgia in the mid-nineties.

What else can I say? Same old same old. Wise up already will you? America, even “Straight America” doesn’t fall for this junk anymore.


As many of you may be aware, I signed up about a month ago to receive the American Family Association’s email newsletter for ideas on articles. Below is a copy of today’s newsletter.  – Eric

PepsiCo gives $1,000,000 to help promote the gay agenda

Company forces employees to attend sexual orientation classes

January 8, 2009

Dear E,

PepsiCo has refused a request by AFA to remain neutral in the culture war. The company indicated that it will continue major financial support of homosexual organizations. AFA wrote Pepsi two times (on October 14 and October 29) requesting a meeting to discuss Pepsi’s neutrality in the culture war.

On November 17, AFA received a condescending (dated Nov. 7) from Paul Boykas, director, public policy, in which he refused to address Pepsi’s support of the homosexual agenda.

In the last two years, Pepsi has given $500,000 to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and $500,000 to the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). The $1,000,000 was to be used to help promote homosexuality in the workplace. Pepsi refuses to give money to any pro-family organization that opposes the homosexual agenda. Plus, every homosexual organization we know of is overwhelmingly pro-abortion.

Both HRC and PFLAG supported efforts in California to defeat Proposition 8 which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. HRC, the homosexual group financially supported by Pepsi, gave $2.3 million to defeat Prop 8.

Sounds like Pepsi really sent a bad letter right? Well below is a copy of both AFA’s first letter to Pepsi, and the letter Pepsi sent in response. How much twisting of the truth do you think this “Family Oriented” organization is doing?  -Eric

Letter to PepsiCo Chairman Indra K. Nooyi from Donald E. Wildmon (October 14, 2008):

Recently we noticed that PepsiCo gave a $500,000 donation to Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.  We were indeed surprised by PepsiCo’s support of the homosexual group.  It would appear to us that PepsiCo would not involve itself in a political and culture war, especially supporting an organization seeking to redefine marriage and family.

We ask PepsiCo to remain neutral in this culture war, neither supporting nor opposing the homosexual agenda.

We would like to discuss this matter with PepsiCo.  Would you have a representative of PepsiCo contact us?


Response from Paul Boykas, director, public policy to Donald  E. Wildmon (November 18, 2008):

I’m responding to your letter to our Chairman. In 2008, the PepsiCo Foundation awarded a grant to Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays to support a national program specifically designed for workplace environments.

The initiative seeks to promote further understanding and equality in the places where people spend much of their time at work.

Among the values promoted by the PepsiCo Foundation is ensuring a work environment that is respectful and where associates are valued for their contributions.  I hope this helps  clarify this grant by the PepsiCo Foundation.


Copies of both letters came from AFA’s website.



As some people may be aware, giant soup company Campbell recently started advertising in gay media, like The Advocate. The advertisements were like any other niche-style marketing campaign, and featured Chef Lea Forant with her son Eli and her partner Carolyn.

But even something this simple, has drawn the attention of the Christian-Conservative group American Family Association (AFA).

The AFA is famous for pushing companies to stop advertising in “pro-gay” media, we may recall their infamous 2 year boycott of Ford Motor Company (what, don’t you remember this?) which ended this past March when Ford stopped advertising in gay media. Although Ford stopped ALL of it’s niche-marketing campaigns because of the economy.

Or how about the oh-so-successful boycott of McDonalds? The 6 month boycott was ended in October when the AFA claimed that the McDonalds promised them they would remain neutral in the fight for LGBTQ rights (statement has never been confirmed by McDonalds).

But now they have turned their “powerful” gaze onto Campbell Soup Company. Writing in an Action Alert to their members, they claim that “Campbell Soup Company has openly begun helping homosexual activists push their agenda,” and that Campbell is giving “their approval the entire homosexual agenda.”

The AFA has even gone as far as to claim that, “Not only did the ads cost Campbell’s a chunk of money, but they also sent a message that homosexual parents constitute a family and are worthy of support.”

For their part, Campbell Soup Company is remaining steadfast of their position that they are trying to make more money, and that gay money is the same as straight money.

So there you have it, THE BATTLE RAGES ON! Ha Ha.