BYU Mormon Prof Says Gay Couples Inadequate To Raise Children

SLC – Last week the University of Utah hosted a debate on LGBT Rights And Family Law. But what started as a healthy conversation quickly set many teeth in the audience grinding as BYU Professor Lynn Wardle attacked Gays, Gay Families and Women in general.

UofU Professor Cliff Rosky

The debate was sponsored by the UofU club the “Outlaws,” and featured Professor Cliff Rosky (University of Utah law professor and board member of Equality Utah) and Professor Lynn Wardle (BYU Professor and Co-Author of Utah’s Amendment 3). The two started things off amiably, both stressing that they wanted this to be a “conversation” rather than a debate. However the tension in the room built almost immediately as Lynn Wardle mentioned in his opening remarks that “Traditional Marriage is the same across all cultures and times.”

Funny, but I seem to recall every history book telling me different, but who am I to argue?

Professor Wardle also showed a rather glaring lack of knowledge on the subject when he spoke of civil unions as being equivalent to marriage, despite the overwhelming evidence of the 1100+ rights that are given to married couples but denied to partners living with civil unions.

The evening really took a downturn from there, as Wardle made veiled (barely) comparisons between gay relationships and incest. “Strong morality usually comes from a traditional family,” Wardle says, “Is it possible to have a strong incestuous family, is it possible to have a strong polyamorous family or a strong same-sex family? Yes, but it’s not likely.” Lynn surmises that gay couples cannot have the strength of commitment or love for one another as a

BYU Professor Lynn Wardle

heterosexual couple, and therefore cannot have a strong family.

Rosky pushed Wardle on the issue, asking why gay couples cannot have as strong a family as straight couples? Wardle replied that there are inherant traits to women and men in families, and only a man and a woman can fulfill those traits. Almost every female in the room gasped (remember most in the audience are law students) as they listened to a BYU professor tell them that the 1800’s gender roles should still be in place.

Yeah…. don’t think I’ll be rooting for BYU anytime soon.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Stephanie H. on January 21, 2010 at 11:12 am

    I wasn’t surprised at anything that was said. pretty much, Rosky was the one who made sense and had the rational, logical, ACCURATE arguments in place, while Wardle spent about 30% of his talking time trying to say that because countries like Somalia outlaw gay marriage, we should too.

    I could also provide Multiple legitimate anthropological resources picking apart all of the assumptions that Wardle made in his presentation, but I don’t have the time or patience to do so. if this is an accurate example of the kind of faculty that BYU provides, I have no respect for them as an institution of higher learning.


  2. Posted by Shelly on January 21, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    What a jackass… Why is someone like this a professor, albeit of BYU, when we can contradict almost everything he said with either a history book or APA findings?


  3. Posted by Gail F. Bartholomew on January 22, 2010 at 10:34 am

    This whole argument of children living in same sex homes need fathers and mothers has some serious problems in my opinion. First of all just as in opposite sex homes these children have fathers and mothers and those fathers and mothers can choose to be part of there children’s lives. The kids that do not have both father and mother in there lives as a result of death or absent parent it is not a result of the same sex relationship. It is for the same reasons that the kids in single parent homes and opposite sex homes have absent parents. Also, this argument is not backed up by the research. The research on children in different homes show that kids in homes with two Dads do similar as those with a Dad and Mom as far as well adjusted emotionally and how much violent behavior the kids show. Kid in homes with two Moms however show that they are better adjusted emotionally and have less violent behavior. So if this is what we base making certain types of marriages illegal lets make all marriage save marriage between two women illegal.


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