UT State Representative Christine Johnson Surrogate Mom To Gay Couple

Representative Christine Johnson has chosen to act as surrogate to a local gay couple.

So many many heart-felt congratulations and well-wishes to my amazing State Representative Christine Johnson for her amazing decision to act as a surrogate mother for a local gay couple.

According to the Deseret News, Ms. Johnson, one of only two openly gay people in the state legislature, is now in her 2nd trimester and decided last spring to act as surrogate for two male friends of hers who were married in California during the brief period pre-Prop 8 when it was legal.

There have been several stories about this already, I just want to again offer my congratulations to Christine Johnson and the two new soon-to-be-Dads!


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  1. Posted by Dominique on January 9, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    Thanks for a brilliant post and link, Eric.


    I have always thought highly of you. I know am more honoured to know you. This act of selfless love is a brilliant example for us all to follow. Thank you for your dedication to equality, your love of your fellow being, and for leading us by example.

    The Deseret News story was well written. It is good that more and more of LDS influence are learning to follow the example of Jesus… to love unconditionally and to not judge others.

    Brilliant Article. Brilliant examples of random acts of kindness all around.


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