New Jersey Senate Votes No On Gay Marriage

New Jersey State Senate

New Jersey Senate votes no on gay marriage. With a 20-14 vote.

The vote came after a vigorous debate on the Senate floor, and Senators from both sides of the issue weighed in heavily. One of the most poignant moments came when one

Pro-Gay Marriage supporters rallied outside of the NJ Senate Chambers for hours before the vote.

senator read a letter from one of his constituents, a straight young man who was raised (along with his brothers and sisters) by his gay older brother. The story was read with tears streaming down the Senators face, and many in the Senate chamber from both sides of the issues struggled to keep their emotions in check.

The vote brings to an end a year long debate in the Garden State which truly began after a bipartisan/citizen comittee unanimously stated early in 2009 that New Jersey’s Civil Union law does NOT provide equal protections under the law for lgbt citizens, that marriage provides to heterosexual couples. Many LGBT activists, like Jamie McGonnigal have been pushing for this bill for a long time, but not just for himself. “I want it to pass because we need to keep the ball rolling,” McGonnigal said, “so that one day that young gay kid growing up in Wisconsin will realize he can have the same life his parents had.”

The main argument against the bill seems to be extremist conservatives claiming that this should be a popular vote. But their arguments lacked any substance as no other civil-rights issue in our country has been put to a popular vote, including the 1960’s civil rights movement.

Many have claimed that the vote managed to highlight just how moronic many on the anti-human rights side can be, with one Senator who was against the bill even spent time mentioning how much the “gays” improve property values.

Spirits fortunately are not dampened, as universally Equality is recognized as the next and natural step for our great nation. We cannot be held back for long, for as was stated today “”Just because this is not a racial injustice, it does not mean it is not a civil injustice.”

Listen to/Watch Some of the Senate Speeches HERE


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  1. Posted by Gail F. Bartholomew on January 7, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Heart Breaking.


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