Gay Traitors?

Over the past week or so, I keep hearing claims that those in the LGBT community who supported Ben McAdams for Senate instead of Arlyn Bradshaw are traitors, true? In an ultra conservative state like Utah, we need to support any gay candidate we can right? Um………NO.

Get real people. Anyone with half a brain knows that in this state it takes the right person to get the job done, and while I’m a fan of both Ben and Arlyn and truely would have been happy either way, right now Ben is the more qualified person for the job. We must avoid childish stereotypes in this state because we cannot afford any mistakes, there are too many in the majority party fighting against us to have such mundane squabbles. I’m proud of who I am, I’m proud of my community and I’m proud to support our LGBT elected officials like Christine Johnson and Jackie Biskupski, but I will not let myself fall into the trap of Identity Politics.

This is the same thing you tend to hear our community clamoring about the conservatives doing isn’t it? Don’t vote for the white male Mormon just because he’s the white male Mormon? So how are we justified in doing the same thing ourselves? I cannot vote for a gay candidate just because he’s gay, period.

Oh and by the way, before you start hurling around a mud-word like “traitor,” take a look at the list below of a couple of the LGBT supporters of Ben McAdams, see any traitors?

Will Carlson – former Public Policy Manager for Equality Utah
Jon Jepsen – Salt Lake’s Human Rights Commissioner and current Board Member of the Utah Pride Center
Bruce Bastian – Executive Director of 8:TMP as well as the primary backer of the National Equality March
Christine Johnson – Openly lesbian State Representative
Mike Thompson – Former Executive Director of Equality Utah
Jim Dabakis – Former Board Member of the Utah Pride Center and one of the 5 community leaders who negotiated with the LDS church about the non-discrimination ordinaces.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I got the same sort of flack for supporting Obama, instead of Hillary. I supported the person I thought was the best candidate, and I can’t see having done it any other way.


  2. Brilliant analogy to the conservative white Mormon male vote, Eric. Supporting a candidate takes higher thinking, not sheep mentality. Thanks for pointing out my biggest pet peeve in voters…knee jerk reactionary choices. Think, people, think!


  3. Posted by Adrian on December 21, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    I may be more likely to vote for someone if I hear they are gay, based on the idea that perhaps they would be more likely to support politics that would do me well. But I do NOT stop there, nor do I support stopping there. We have the duty to look deeper into the qualifications of our candidates!


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