Hopefully A New Ally In the Utah Senate

Ben McAdams

Scot McCoy, one of only 3 openly gay state-wide elected officials resigned last month; Can we please get someone good, not another Buttars? With several candidates running for the newly opened Senate seat in District 2, there isn’t much time before the election tomorrow (Dec 19th) at the City and County building in Salt Lake. I support Ben McAdams.

Ben has been in the game for a long time, and most recently has been working with both ex-Senator McCoy as well as Mayor Ralph Becker. He was the final push that made sure Salt Lake’s Domestic Partnership Registry didn’t disappear as so many wanted it to. He also worked very closely with Mayor Becker to achieve Salt Lake’s new Non-Discrimination Ordinances.

But you know, it seems like every candidate for this seat has a good track record. What’s most important to me is where his heart is, and what company he keeps. Ben is straight, married and has 2 kids (which is really too bad, he’s pretty good lookin!). He is also in support of full marriage equality, as well as any other right the hetero’s have that we don’t. I had a chance to ask him about his feelings on LGBT issues last night, and how it would be different,  switching from Scott McCoy (out and proud gay man) to a married straight man. “These are not issues just for gay candidates,” Ben said, “these are issues all of society needs to fight for.” Best..answer..ever. We got into the new Non-Discrimination ordinances that Salt Lake passed, Ben was very hopeful about the future of them and mentioned that he thinks “all cities need to adopt them because they are the right thing to do.”

With his thoughts and feelings on my issues, as well as the full endorsement of people like the city’s Human Rights Commissioner Jon Jepsen and the Executive Producer of “8: The Mormon Proposition” Bruce Bastian, I vote for Ben.

See more here.


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