This week , this anniversary.. we mark a year from our rape in California. We now add a new atrocity, the rape of our civil rights in Maine. And what do I hear? Silence. Silence from the once-again victims.

Where are you? We update our facebook and twitter pages with “I’m disappointed in the voters of Main.” Where is your anger? A year ago I began to believe that change was actually possible. Marches nationwide were thrown together overnight, voices raised from all corners of the country in one resounding cry, ENOUGH. And yet tonight we are silent. Have you given up, bowing to the demands of  fools?

Well I say to you that I am here, my anger stoked like the coals of great fire ready to burn all in its path. I cannot be silenced nor stopped and I will break the walls of all who oppose us.

But let’s be honest, our worst enemy is strong and more debilitating than even we can realize. Our enemy attacks us at almost every turn, and constantly threatens to sink us moment to moment. More potent than speeches, harder to topple than any other force. Who is this enemy, can we give it a name? It is not the politicians, nor the laughably pitiful right-wing groups like the AFA, Eagle Forum or Evangelicals who cling to their dusty ideals like old men hoping for their twenties again. Our enemy is ourselves. Our lack of passion, our perpetual acceptance of our own destruction.

We’ve gone through things no other group on this planet ever has, rejection and anger from within our own families, churches and communities. We continue to be beaten and subjected to all manner of violations. We watch as we are ridiculed in all corners of media, films and tv. We are the butt of every joke and slang imaginable. And yet for those of us who are lucky enough to survive, instead of standing on every street corner and demanding justice, we choose rather to adopt an attitude of superiority and neglect. At the precise moment when we are our most powerful we walk away rather than choose to ensure that our future brothers and sisters do not experience the same horrors.

Yes, we have the most blame on our shoulders. And because of this the blood of our children is on our own hands. We spout off briefly against the parent who beats their child, or pushes them to take their own life, but that night we attend parties and drink away all bad memories.

I say ENOUGH. I say I am done laying down and letting those with closed and weak minds pass over me. I am done with the silence. Let this be my battle cry, that I will shout, scream and push until I never again hear that the ignorant have once again taken away what is rightfully mine. Every single person in my life will know who I am, no matter what the cost, for the cost of living in the shadows is far more dreadful and destroys any fake semblance of dignity I pretend to have, and the very lives of others.

I will stand and shout until every one of you, my brothers and sisters, stands and shouts with me. For at that time and in that great moment, I can promise you that we will achieve victory. That glorious moment will be the day when our enemies lie down at our feet and beg forgiveness as our voices blow the dust from their eyes.

I stand. Stand with me.

Eric Ethington


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Reb on November 5, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    you have dealt some mightily contagious passion here, Eric.


  2. Posted by Joni Weiss on November 5, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    AMEN Brother!!!!


  3. Posted by Miriam Hyde on November 5, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    OMG, Eric,

    I am ashamed that I have not done more.

    For that, I AM sorry.


  4. Posted by David on November 7, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    I admire your passion, Eric. I’ve been where you are many many times over the last few years. As with any passionate expression in my experience, there’s always been a refractory period, a time to regroup and prepare for the next wave.

    It would be a terrible mistake to believe that people have given up. I doubt you forget the federal hate crimes bill that was passed recently, nor the march upon Washington. None of us are done yet.

    I very much felt the same way as you when I learned of another 15 young men being brutally executed in Iraq for being gay. Having a lover in an Arab country, Syria, the queer rights movement in those nations has been a very important issue for me and I was becoming quite angry that no one would listen to me. Repeatedly, I was hearing “it’s not my issue.”

    Unfortunately, I burned myself out. I was becoming so angry that I was losing sense of who I was and what my priorities are. The kind of change we intend to create in this world will happen over a period of time that feels too long.

    Thankfully, there will always be those whose passion is contagious working in tandem with those who need a cause to run with. So, carry the torch as long as you can… remember to pass it to someone else that they might have the chance to lead. We’re moving at a much quicker pace than you realize. Have faith.

    David “Scratch”


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