2nd Protest on Mormon Plaza

The 2nd of two protests took place this morning at the LDS-owned Main St Plaza in Salt Lake City. The protest started off as a kiss-in, with roughly 200 people gathering in front of the plaza and posing for PDA photos. But with the Mormon-Fuzz (thank you Bill Maher) turning away everyone who was attempting to enter the plaza, the crowd grew a little restless.

It wasn’t long before someone made the call to march on the plaza, and before you knew it, all 200 people entered the plaza for a peaceful march. With so many entering the Mormon Secret Service weren’t able to detain everyone, just threaten that the SLPD had been called and people would be arrested. After marching around the entire plaza in front of temple while holding hands, kissing and laughing, the group again took up it’s stance on Main St and South Temple.

The police soon arrived, and spoke privately with the Mo-stapo before speaking with the crowd. With so many around this time, including many cameras, there were no arrests or citations issued. And the whole protest ended on a peaceful note with song.

Below are some of the highlight videos (again, just my handheld camera sorry!). For pictures, visit my FB page here.


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