Today I would like to pose a serious question. I have been doing some research in light of some of the recent political activism regarding heterosexuality. Some people in this country seem to believe that heterosexuality is alright, that somehow people are “born this way.”

I do not believe such. My personal beliefs that I was raised with, as well as my faith in God tell me that heterosexuality is a sin. God does not make people this way, nor does he encourage or love people who choose to leave such a so-called “straight” lifestyle. This is nothing more than a personal choice of those who wish to act out on their own decadent sexual deviancy.

So much proof is available these days that heterosexuality is a choice, and so many have been brought out of their wickedness by faith and trust in our Lord and Savior.

I say these things in love, hoping only to inspire and encourage those who are leading this life of sin that they will know the truth, and find that righteous life of homosexuality that God intended. But I pose this academic question for all those who will surely look with doubt and disbleif on my words, prove to me that heterosexuality is natural. Show me the definitive scientific proof that people are born heterosexual and not just made that way through years of systematic conditioning through the evil media which constantly reinforces heterosexual behavior in our children each day. Once you can prove this to me, perhaps I will become a believer, but until then I place my faith in God who tells me that homosexuality is the only true path between human beings.

I truly hope that these so-called “Straight Activists” like Paul Mero, Chris Buttars, Gayle Ruzicka and LaVar Christensen have the information to back up their radical claims. Because everything I have seen and read to this point tells me that heterosexuality is nothing more than an illusion.


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  1. Posted by TPain on June 19, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    let’s outlaw heterosexuality/procreation. human existence would gradually decrease and many of our social ills would begin to disappear with the exit of population.


  2. Posted by ethingml on June 19, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Too bad heterosexuality is the key to sustaining human life.


  3. hey, it takes more faith to believe this than the opposite…..


  4. Posted by Reb on June 19, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    I am so embarrassed to be straight. Please forgive me!


  5. I love how you did this Eric! Bravo!


  6. Too bad if we “outlawed” heterosexuality/procreation, “straight” people would continue to live their illusion and children would continue to be born . . . just as some would try to turn the tables and “outlaw” homosexuality, LGBT people continue to exist, naturally living their lives as they were born to do, providing the world continually with diversity and love!


  7. Posted by TPain on June 19, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    No Elaine, I think if we outlawed heterosexuality human life would cease to exist within about 80 to 100 years, assuming the ban could realistically be enforced. This is quite different than the scenario you suggested.


  8. Posted by Dominique on June 19, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    To quote my brilliant son, “Gay or straight; sex is great.”


  9. TPain, too bad you are wrong. It really would be nice to live in such a protected world that I could believe in anything I wanted, including unicorns.

    Even gay people can and do procreate. They just seem to do so more responsibly than straight people sometimes.


  10. Way to turn this argument on its head. I hope to create blog posts that are as inspired as this.


  11. Eric,

    As usual, I’m a queer contrarian on most narratives surrounding gay identity and activism. I am very cautious about engaging (even in satire) a “born that way” narrative.

    I believe “nature or nurture” arguments are ultimately a distraction. And they replicate an androcentric narrative. Most men really do feel a “born that way” inclination. But that is not always the case for women. Check out Lisa Diamond’s Sexual Fluidity or Vera Whitman’s book, Queer By Choice to see several examples of women who actually do choose same-sex relationships.

    We boys shouldn’t place greater value on our narrative and assume it is the same for all. And why is choice something that should be disparaged? So what if I DO choose a gay lifestyle? What is wrong with that? In America, the Land of the Free, I should be free to enter into consensual relationships with whomever I desire.

    Further, being “born that way” has never been a guarantee of liberation. Women, people of color and some people with disabilities are all “born that way” and that has not provided them equality.

    An appeal to homosexual desire as an inclination almost has a sense of pathology. “I just can’t help it”. I’m broken.

    Being queer is actually cool. It’s a beautiful preference. And it’s tremendously complex. Some people are born that way, others do choose the lifestyle. It doesn’t matter. We should value all expressions of love and desire, be they rooted in nature or nurture — and even moreso if they are born of a person’s choosing.



  12. Posted by Jenni on June 21, 2009 at 2:25 am

    I always like to turn it around too — gives people a chance to see how silly they sound.


  13. Posted by Adrienne on June 21, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    As a heterosexual who is very supportive of LGBT and equal rights for all I was bit offended by this post. I don’t believe that homosexuality is a sin nor do I believe that heterosexuality is a sin. Why must only 1 side be right? I don’t believe that any church, state or government should be allowed to interfere with the basic human equality that everyone deserves. I believe that people are born the way they are whether a homosexual or a heterosexual. I do hope that anyone who reads your post will try and see it from the other point of view. Homosexuality is not right or wrong. Everyone deserves equal rights!


  14. Posted by TPain on June 23, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    Misty, you’re correct, gay people can procreate. They do, indeed, have the biological capacity to do such a thing.


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