Prop 8 Arguments Conclude, Speculation Explodes

As the oral arguments on Prop 8 concluded in San Francisco today, viewers are semi-optimistic.

“It seemed as though there was quite a bit of focus placed on the existing marriages that took place over the summer, but not nearly enough attention placed on the Proposition itself” said Thomas Skeeler, a local Californian activist and Anti-Prop 8-er. Julianne Minners of Murray Utah is extremely upset about how the day went. “All they did was talk about the legality of [Prop 8],” Julianne says, ” why weren’t they talking about what God wants, and how disgusting it is that those [gay marriages] ever even existed?”

The more rational and common sensed arguments seemed to be summed up by a local pro-civil rights attorney who asked to be kept anonymous. “Realistically,” he said, “with the way the arguments were framed today, the existing 18,000 or so marriages will likely remain valid, but Prop 8 itself will probably stand.”

As for myself, I’m enormously excited for the day when the country begins to realize that letting the majority vote on the minorities rights is ultimately un-constitutional, and in no way keeps with the morals of our great nation. We built our nation on the foundation of upholding the individuals rights, and destroying the oppression of the weak.

As for California, Prop 8 may stand for today. But to all those who voted “yes,” thank you. Thank you for bringing us together once more, and swapping a short term victory for an enormous new national push for civil rights, that has no possible outcome other than full equality for all, not just some.


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