LDS Church Speaks Out About Buttars

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints released a statement today regarding Senator Chris Buttars’ statements on homosexuality made earlier this year.

temp“From the outset, the Church’s position has always been to engage in civil and respectful dialogue on this issue. Senator Buttars does not speak for the Church.” This came from the Church’s spokesperson, Scott Trotter.

It has been intensely interesting to watch as the strict conservatives, both groups, legislators and individuals have run for cover after Buttars made these statements. They do not say they disagree with him, just in the manner in which he said it.

Why is it, that the Senator’s now infamous “black baby” comments, made almost exactly one year ago warranted an official apology from the Senator himself, and an uproar in the Senate? Well obviously because the words chosen were wrong, insulting, and bigoted (even if unintentionally, which I don’t believe however). But now, Buttars takes even further leaps into hate-speak, claiming homosexuality is the “biggest threat” to America, that all gays do is have pig sex and they’re similar to radical Muslims; and yet what happens? Sure, the Senator is removed from the judicial committee (again), but where is the apology?

I do not expect Buttars, Sen. Waddoups or any of the other staunchbut Republicans on the hill to actually denounce these hateful words, hell, we all know they probably agree with every iota of them. But where is the plain old common decency to say, “you know what, these comments were deliberately insulting, spiteful, and hateful, and we are truly sorry to our fellow Utahns that they were treated so shamefully?” Why does the Senate President Michael Waddoups duck the question when he’s asked to make a statement to the LGBTQ community?

This single thing, I find more telling of Utah’s legislature than anything they have done to this point. We all knew that they believed in and still support Amendment 3, we all knew that so few would actually be in favor of the Common Ground Initiative bills. We know, we get it, they are not in favor of gay-rights or equality among citizens. But… we have now been shown that they also don’t care about us as people and that they place no values in our worth as human beings, and will only ever go so far as to cover their own asses. Sorry for the crassness, but that’s how it is.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Annie Mehlhoff on February 20, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    What I especially “love” about Buttars’ comments is that when comparing gay people to Islamic extremists is that at least he gives room to admit that Muslims are not all radicals and that only a certain few are defining the entire group. For homosexuals, however, he seems to lump everyone together, just assuming that that all those with same-sex attraction are inherently radical and immoral. It’s as though if someone identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender that all other personality characteristics are blown out the window and that we all have to be as radical as religious extremists. I just don’t get the logic with which he operates nor his ability to understand why he should apologize. Yes, I do believe that everyone can have their opinion on the gay rights issue, but when you’re a representative for a widely diverse group such as an entire CITY, maybe you should shut your mouth for a while before you make such a crass statement to represent the opinion of such a great number of people.

    And as far as Waddoups is concerned, I think we need to use baby steps for him to acknowledge that the world does indeed expand beyond the LDS sub-culture. When you’re a middle-aged man who sees a Chili’s restaurant more as a bar than a place to eat you need to get a reality check. He’s got more issues than I can even fathom. At least he makes me feel relatively normal.

    I swear Buttars has gotten more insane as he’s aged. My husband and I are acquaintances of Phil Riesen, a fellow representative of Buttars’, and Riesen has told us that before either of them were involved in politics they were friends despite their opposing political views. But as time has passed Buttars refuses to give the time of day to Riesen simply because of political views. This borders on totalitarianism and if we continue to give Buttars any sort of control I shudder to think of what the Senate will allow him to say next…


  2. Posted by jasonut29 on February 22, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    I’ve said it all along. The LDS church’s comments about supports our rights were simply lip service to try to get the media off their backs. We need to keep on them until they are forced to either come out and support what they say by encouraging their local hypocrite legislators to support our rights or by coming straight out and telling us the truth and that is they will continue to undermine our rights until there is a court ruling forcing them to stop.


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