Buttars Receives Only a Wrist-Slap……….again.

Senate Leadership in Utah held a press conference this morning addressing the recent inflamatory remarks made by Senator Chris Buttars of West Jordan. Among other things, Buttars claimed that gay people are “the biggest threat” to America right now, and that all they do is engage in immoral practices like “pig-sex.”

Despite hopes that Senate President Michael Waddoups (R) would come down hard on Sen Buttars, Buttars was only removed from the judicial committee, roughly the same thing that happened last year after the infamous “black baby” comments.

Troy Williams, of Radio Active, pressed President Waddoups to make a statement to the LGBTQ community as a whole, hoping perhaps for some kind of apology that one of our own senators made such obviously hurtful, insensitive and hateful remarks on camera to documentarian Reed Cowan. Mr. Waddoups however side-stepped the question, and for the LGBTQ community in Utah, we were again shown that the Republicans in this state only care about getting our votes, and are currently not interested in justice or equality. I wonder how long it will take before they realize that they are actually going against their constituents? And not just the gays…

For more info on the press conference and awesome pictures, visit Misty Fowler’s blog.


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  1. Just uploaded this recording of the presser:


  2. Actually, Buttars didn’t receive any punishment for the “Black Baby” comment. Buttars’ punishment last year stemmed from his statement that a judge who ruled against a major contributor of his was an “Activist Judge”.

    This incident seems worse to me than any other Buttars has been involved in. Not because of what he said or how he said it, but the refusal by senate leadership to actually say that Buttars’ statements were wrong. It begs the question is Buttars alone in his feelings about minorities of any kind, or does he hold the viewpoint of a large contingent of the people who claim to represent us?


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