To everyone in the Gay or Transgender community, to all those in the Hispanic, African-American, or Caucasian community; to all those in the LDS, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Athiest, Agnostic and Pagan communities, a message from the LGBTQ people: WE ARE HERE TO STAY.

I’m sick and tired of people telling me that gays are something new, that they have been the outcasts in all major civilizations. Bull. We have been here since the beginning, and it has only been this most recent Christian civilization that has so utterly cast us out. Study your history. In this day and age, we are the spit upon, the joked about, the reviled, the hated, the cast out, the tormented…..the beaten. But WE ARE STILL HERE. You cannot beat us into submission, you cannot legally maneuver your way around us. We will not take it.

You cannot strip us of our rights. You cannot deny us those rights you hold so dear to yourselves. You cannot look down on us any longer, with pity or malice. You will not deny us jobs, you will not deny us housing, you will not deny us love. Because for everything you have done to us, we continue to hold our heads up.

We are proud. Proud of who we are, proud of how God made us, proud of each other. And we cannot be shamed. Your feeble claims of immorality bear no weight on us. Few people anymore believe your attempts to disparage us and cast us as deviants. Too many of your flock have risen to see the truth, too many of your fold know the truth and refuse to be led by your weak and baseless emotional pleas.

This is OUR LIVES. We will not go away, we will not back down, we will not stop. We will NEVER again be pushed into the corner as people who don’t belong. We will never conform to your mold, but will continue to break free to have what is rightfully ours, and cannot be denied much longer.

This is OUR neighborhood. This is OUR city. This is OUR state. This is OUR country. Nothing belongs solely to you, and this is OUR time.

We are here to stay. Get used to it, and get out of our way.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rhonda on February 11, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Very well put Eric. I know I am me and I am here to stay!!!

    We are all amazing in our own way and we have pride!!!


  2. You are here to stay!

    …and ya know what? You have friends who are here to stay too!

    And anyone who has enough sense to see that we are all in this together can join in and say this is OUR neighborhood. This is OUR city. This is OUR state. This is OUR country.

    Some of us are actually secure enough in ourselves to see that it is ALL of OURS.

    -proud to have you all as neighbors and fellow citizens.


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