Sutherland Institute Sacred Ground Footage

First 3 clips released by Sutherland Institute of their “Sacred Ground” meeting. As predicted by many, they have not (so far) released an un-edited version of the meeting. Let’s hear you thoughts! (I’ll keep posting the vids as they are released)

FULL TRANSCRIPT OF PAUL MERO’S SPEECH can now be found on Sutherland Institutes website. You know, I’m still waiting to see how I SO wrongly portrayed the event!


We are still waiting to see a transcript or video of LaVar Christensen’s speech.


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  1. Posted by Stephanie Horlacher on February 9, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    family structure isn’t a science!!! god!


  2. Posted by Stephanie Horlacher on February 9, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    also, gay people don’t benefit society. news to me.


  3. There is science to familial relations, but the guy speaking seems to be ignoring all of it, which points toward marriage equality. The worst part is the church propaganda music, the primary reason for the decline of Christendom in the Western World.


  4. Posted by Kate on February 9, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Devastate your ability to protect your marriage and family from state interventions? What does that mean?

    Scientific structures keep families together? What about Love? Families stay together with unselfish LOVE.

    Why don’t they focus on strengthening their own family and help those in abusive homes? Oh, that wouldn’t be as noble, now would it…

    I have yet to hear a reasonable argument and his ‘talk’ only confirms what Eric has said all along. =)


  5. Posted by Jenn Niedfeldt on February 10, 2009 at 1:01 am

    Interestingly it was these ‘inherited rights’ that also lead society to justify for centuries the enslavement of Black individuals and the murder of Native Americans. Furthermore, the language he uses is INCREDIBLY similar to the way things were explained for the eugenics movement, which is just scary. And he shows no real educational background of any sort of anthropology, sociology, or anything that would give him authority to speak definitively on the development of society and how gender interacts within familial environments. These clips are so frustrating to watch!

    It’s unfortunate that he is so well spoken– a lazy enough listener would watch him and think he is ACTUALLY making logical sense and not just spinning history and philosophical terms to fit his convoluted meaning.



  6. Posted by Kate on February 10, 2009 at 1:58 am

    He reminds me of the kind of guy, like Ted Haggard, who will be exposed as engaging in a “Homosexual sex and methamphetamine drugs scandal”.
    I’m not saying he is, just reminds me of the type…

    But really, what did he mean by “…devastate your ability to protect your marriage and family from state interventions” ?


  7. Speaking of things “we ought to do” … we all ought to craft arguments persuasive enough to move our audience without resorting to Nazi-era audio-visual aids.

    Then again, if you’re going to start off by asserting your position is grounded in the empirical and scientific without bothering to explain how, you might as well continue the evidence-free approach by displaying a few swastikas when shifting into the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) portion of your presentation. Then, once you’ve got your audience feeling uneasy at the loaded symbolism of the visuals and the prospect of losing all control over their lives, they’ll be grateful and relieved when you calm their nerves with an image and extended quote from a recognized and trusted authority figure.

    It all seems highly manipulative and if this is what’s on offer from your opponents, there doesn’t seem much point trying to engage them on the level of argument. Much better to ignore people like this and keep taking your message directly to the public.

    That said, perhaps there’s a need at this stage to engage folks like Paul in debate. I’m just wondering if continuing to do so over the long haul wouldn’t be doing Paul a favor once he finds himself struggling to maintain his and his organization’s former authority and legitimacy?

    At some point, they’ve got to be left flapping in the breeze spouting their tired bought-and-paid-for lines all by their lonesome so that the rest of the state can be allowed to hold a grown-up discussion and determine the best path forward for Utah.


  8. Posted by Stephanie Horlacher on February 10, 2009 at 10:46 am

    don’t worry, he doesn’t know either.


  9. Posted by Adair on February 10, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Haha, something about the rights of the family (parent-child, husband-wife, and sibling-sibling) being the foundation of modern civilization–no, blood ties (although non-nuclear, so including grandparents and distant cousins and stuff) are the foundations of ancient or at least non-“Anglo-American” civilizations. Our entire education system and the like is geared towards liberating the children from the limitations of the parents, even if that’s not normally been the stated reason.

    That same video started out “human beings are born male and female”–he means male or female, and thus I am disgusted again by his sexism.

    But, yeah, he’s dedicated his life to spinning what even HE must know to be nonsense–either he has some sort of delusional quasi-religious zealotry where he feels sure, without evidence, as if from God, that he’s right, or else he’d just rather attack than love, probably doesn’t know how to really love because he doesn’t value human beings except when they’re all lined up like pawns where he put them, so why are we arguing with him? People like him have a weakness at their core, and one day their flocks will realize and reject them.


  10. Posted by White Married Man on February 14, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Well, it is good to see some of the talks here, but I was looking forward to seeing LaVar Christensen’s comments the most. I guess that someone there realized as I did that LaVar’s made a handful of statements that condemned every time a minority earned their rights in a court room, or through appeal to the government that avoided the popular vote. Good call, if that had been posted Sutherland would be know as racist, sexist, and supporting oppression of all minorities.

    On that note I did notice a common problem with Mr. Mero’s comparison of the American and French revolutions. Mr. Mero suggests that political and civil rights are not independent of your inheritance, God, family, and country. Implying that your rights should be given based on your family, your country and your religion. Being an American I believe that it does not mater who your parents and family are, you have civil and political rights. It does not matter what country you were born in, you have civil and political rights. And it does not matter what God you believe in, you have civil and political rights. These rights are not lost because of your parents, the God you choose to worship, or the country you were born in.

    Mr. Mero’s prejudice ideals are what drive many to the hatred of minorities. These hateful and prejudice feelings are subtly incorporated into the teachings of Christ, they continue to thrive in much of the Mormon community and Christianity because of individuals like Mr. Mero.

    The mistake of France was not one of tolerance but one of intolerance, one that drove families apart because they their difference of ideals was seen as a forfeiture of all rights, including the right to live. It is not the gay community that sees its opponent as the ones that have forfeited their rights. But a portion of the Christian community that would interpret Christ’s message as one of exclusion, and exclude from their own children from the rest of the family because of a difference of belief. If there is a comparison to be made Mr. Mero has got it backwards.

    Also, when Mr. Mero said “human beings are born male and female” he ignores those who are born Intersex also called hermaphrodites. Again excluding a minority and reality for his purposes of manipulation.


  11. Posted by Rebecca on February 16, 2009 at 12:27 am

    Mr. Mero stated, “…there are scientific reasons, quantifiable and empirical, why certain families fall down and why many others stay standing.” This sounds like he is making evidenced-based conclusions. Where are your references, Mr. Mero? Your rhetoric is so smoothly delivered, but is hollow, judgmental, knee-jerk reactionary, and not scientifically backed.

    Ms. Swim tearfully stated that I follow the news just as she does, and she assumes that what I see is that, “what she understands and values in marriage is under attack,” and that, “some claim that standing up for the enduring, even sacred, definitions of family is showing ‘hate’ for those who disagree. They are wrong. Defending marriage and family is an act of love…”

    Ms. Swim: I do indeed follow the news. I read hard copies, I watch it, and I read it on the internet. I communicate with the legislators, my neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, and strangers in line at the market. I bounce back to you that you should see what I see, which is that none of the Common Ground Initiative bills is asking for same-sex marriage.

    We have Amendment 3 here in Utah, which is very specific about the definition of marriage. The bills in question are asking for equality in hospital visitation and medical decision making rights. They are asking for fairness in the workplace and as tenants. These bills are in no way asking for same-sex marriage. Your concern is unfounded, Ms. Swim.

    Let’s keep to the issues at hand. And let’s be factual while we are at it.


  12. Posted by White Married Man on February 19, 2009 at 6:18 am

    Good job Sutherland, You have managed to edit out the lies and bigotry before sharing with the public. Lies have been removed so you can replace your intent with deception. You may feel that God will justify your deceit but if you know that to enter the kingdom of God you must be honest in your dealings with others. This is not the case at Sutherland, you claim to be fighting for God’s morals, but in full light of the truth you chose to hide and deceive others.


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