The New “SarahPAC”

Stolen directly from Curtis Haring’s blog, this is the a copy of the text from the homepage of the new formed SarahPAC, with Haring’s own comments added.


So here is, word for word,what the website states – with my own commentary thrown in:

SarahPAC believes America’s best days are ahead (because the last eight were terrible). Our country, founded on conservative principles (such as radically overthrowing the reigning government and creating a liberal democracy) and the fight for freedom, must confront the challenges of the 21st century with integrity (insert any Bush Administration scandal), innovation (CLEAN COAL!), and determination(Palin for President in 2010!).

SarahPAC believes energy independence (Drill, baby, drill!) is a cornerstone of the economic security (especially for Alaska and Texas) and progress that every American family wants and deserves (now that liberals have pointed out that energy efficiency is a good thing).

SarahPAC believes the Republican Party is at the threshold of an historic renaissance (the Bull Moose Party thought the same thing) that will build a better future for all(rich, white, men *cough, cough*). Health care (lobby), education (vouchers *cough, cough*), and reform of government (but only after Nancy Peloci took over) are among our key goals. Join us today!


One response to this post.

  1. There is a mistake in this. There’s no more oil left in Texas, just in Alaska, and in “oil shale” if you want to put more money into extracting energy than you could ever get from selling it unless the GOP gets it’s way and subsidizes destroying Moab.


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