Gay Rally Seeking Common Ground

cgi-rallyToday, hundreds of Utahns marched from Washington Square in SLC up State St to the Capitol Building in support of the “Common Ground Initiative.” The weather? Not the most pleasant, freezing rain coming down the whole time, but it failed to stop the enthusiasm as marchers chanted the full 7 block march.

Jacob Whipple, who also organized the Temple Square rally in November said he wanted this rally to coincide with both President Obama’s inauguration and the beginning of Utah’s 2009 legislative session. “They [the legislature] need to remember, and be reminded that this session is one of the most important in Utah’s history,” remarked Whipple a few days prior to the event.

Utah, known nationwide for it’s “quirky” conservatism has an enormous majority standing against rights like same-sex marriage. But in this session, marriage is not an issue, rather more commonplace civil rights like housing and workplace protection, death benefits, and expanded health care for partners. 3 statewide polls have been released in the past week, including one by the SL Tribune, and another by Equality Utah showing that a majority of Utahns are in favor of these basic civil rights.



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