Maine Joins the Fight For Equality

gayJust one month after gay-rights advocates announced plans for all of New England to have Gay Marriage on the books by 2012, Maine has joined the long list of states with Same-Sex Marriage bills coming up for votes.

Senator Dennis Damon proposed the new bill, saying that after watching the results of [Maine’s] domestic registry, “it is obvious that more is needed,” adding that “it’s long overdue.” Currently, Maine is facing an enormous budget deficit, and opponents are questioning the timing, asking “why are they pushing this now?” Senator Damon’s reply has been, “Currently there is discrimination. Heterosexual couples who have decided to spend their lives together are treated differently than same-sex couples who have that same commitment to each other. I don’t see the fairness of that. I don’t see the need for that, and this bill will put an end to that.”

Opponents, of course, are lining up quickly against the new bill, spearheaded by Republican Rep. John Tardy; this despite a study by the University of Mass that estimates that over the next 3 years, about 33,000 couples will travel to Massachusetts to get married, resulting in 330 jobs and $111 million added to the state’s economy. Imagine what that would do for Maine’s spiraling economy!

Good luck Maine!


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