NJ Governor Says, “Gay Marriage Now”

NJ Governor Jon Corzine

NJ Governor Jon Corzine

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine pushed the topic of marriage equality to the side in recent months, saying that he didn’t want it to distract voters from the presidential race. But now that the November elections have concluded, his position is that the NJ legislature should handle the topic, “sooner, rather than later” and has promised to sign a same-sex marriage bill into law if it makes it to his desk.

But as usual, there are some major obstacles standing in the way. The Governor and the entire Assembly are up for re-election this November, which invariably causes reluctance for any elected official to get involved on such a polarizing issue.

Last month, a 13 panel member commission determined that the civil unions that NJ currently affords same-sex couples does not create equality. It cited several incidences where hospitals were reluctant to recognize civil unions when it came to visitation, and employers didn’t offer health benefits to couples with only civil unions. They also made strong comparison to the racial segregation laws that held back the countries African-American community.


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  1. I thought there were no complaints made. Are you sure?

    “State Healthcare Facility Director, John Calabria who is responsible for responding to complaints from citizens of New Jersey about medical institutions testified directly to them that “We have received no complaints” regarding the compliance of medical facilities to the Civil Union Act. Although the agency receives 8000-9000 complaints per year, none of them was about being discriminated against in a medical institution.”



  2. […] in 2009, Corzine organized a bipartisan legislative/citizen panel to review the state’s current laws which allow for civil unions among gay, lesbian, bisexual […]


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