For those who can’t recall anything other than California’s Prop 8, Arkansas also passed an anti-equal rights law on November 4th. Act 1, which passed overwhelmingly banned homosexuals in Arkansas from both adopting and fostering children. But already the Act is being legally challenged.

The Act was put together and spearheaded by the Conservative Family Council, who made no secret about the anti-homosexual intention of Act 1.

But now the lawsuit challenging the validity of the Act is coming from 29 adults and children, including many heterosexual parents. Meredith Scroggin said she and her husband, Benny, had designated in their will the custody and adoption rights of their two children to her cousin, who is gay and has a live-in partner. She added, “It is our parental right to decide what is in the best interest of our children and Act 1 infringes upon this right.”

Marie-Bernard Miller, attorney for the Arkansas ACLU is arguing in the case that Act 1 is violating the state’s duty to look out for the best interest of children, and is preventing the placement of children with loving responsible homes.

As we all know, the best way to convince a state to change something, it’s to show them how much money they are losing; and according to Arkansas’ Times Record, “The lawsuit argues Act 1 disregards the best interests of children, keeps children in state custody at additional and unnecessary costs to taxpayers, burdens private, consensual acts of sexual intimacy between adults with no corresponding benefit to children and discriminates against a group of adults willing to serve as foster or adoptive parents.”


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  1. It’s really sad that these types of laws are made, and they don’t even care about the repercussions to the kids they are supposedly trying to protect.


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