March For Equality Rally, 11.15.08 Eric Ethington

March For Equality Rally, 11/15/08 Eric Ethington


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  1. Posted by theaggieinsurgency on January 2, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Like many out-of-staters who gave the Prop. 8 campaign minimal attention, thinking the ballot measure would be defeated, I was shocked to find out how significant out-of-state contributions were in the outcome. I also felt a bit guilty about not having become involved to a greater extent. My own university community is rather conservative, although the professoriate usually serves as ray of light. I decided to determine what role, if any, locals played in the California outcome.

    I researched local contributions to the ballot measure, and was surprised to learn that two two academics at Texas A&M had donated thousands to quash same-sex marriage. I thought they shouldn’t escape unnoticed–not in some desire for vengeance–but to let them know how they affected other locals for whom the chance to be legally married meant a lot. One of these distinguished academics, not surprisingly, was a Mormon bishop for many years.

    Thus, my first in a series of blog posts on the subject:

    If this is of any interest to you or your own blogging, please feel free to refer to this research.


  2. Small world. Ugh…I was considering taking Dr. Nixon for tax accounting.

    It kinda depresses me that people halfway across the nation can be so driven to donate to eliminate others’ rights. But I mean, I guess with what I’ve seen from the LDS church in a life, I can’t really say I’m too surprised.


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