My name is Eric Ethington, and I am here for you. Our country is on the brink of an extraordinary moment, where people of all classes, ethnic groups, colors and identities come together at once to say, “Enough!” We have a progressive African-American President Elect waiting to take office; we have a Senate and House both with clear democratic majorities. Four states (although now only two) allow same-sex marriage, with several more on the brink of the same. Many states now offer job-protection, housing-protection, tax and insurance benefits to same-sex couples. The United Nations is hearing a declaration being put forward by France to decriminalize homosexuality world-wide. And as of November 4th, there is a tidal wave of public notice, recognition and support backing the LGBTQ cause. This, right here and now, is the moment we have been waiting for. This is the day that so many have dreamed of for so long, where one more great push will allow all people of this great nation to proudly stand together under those glorious words, “All Men Are Created Equal!”

At this moment, nationwide, there are protests, rallies, meetings and vigils raising awareness on equality. The past month and a half has shown more grass roots LGBTQ-rights groups spring up than in any short time frame since the 1970’s. Previously obscure (in the left-wing political arena) places on the map such as Utah have become the epicenter of new nationally-noticed movements and groups. Thousands of people are pouring out to volunteer for causes they thought never had a chance. So on this day, I call upon the rest of the nation, to every gay man and lesbian, to every bisexual, transgendered or questioning person; I call on every straight man and woman who believes that intolerance should be a thing of the past to rise up and join your closest group. Find something you can donate your time or money to. Talk with your neighbors, talk with coworkers, employees and employers. COME OUT. It is harder to discriminate, or throw down people’s rights when you know them personally. History has shown us that the greatest thing we can do is simply to show people who we are.

New Jersey’s Civil Union Commission recently reached a unanimous decision to recommend that their state legislature pass a law allowing gay marriage; Iowa allowed one marriage to go through before they were stopped, and their Supreme Court is now hearing testimony on why same-sex marriage should be legal and banning it is unconstitutional. Utah is trying to pass the Common Grounds Initiative which would provide the LGBTQ community housing and workplace protections, as well as domestic partnerships. All that is needed to give the country that push, that one effort that will get us to our rightful place on top of the hill, is service. Get out with 3 or 4 of your friends and go shovel someone’s driveway, take out their trash, rake their lawn or weed their garden. Talk with each one and let them know what you are trying to raise awareness for, and what equality would do for YOU.

This is our day, this is the time that we will always remember as the final moment when we came together, made a difference and changed the course of our history.


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  1. Dear Eric:

    My name’s Hugo Salinas, I’m the webmaster for Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons, and I just read your name in a story in SL Tribune. Are you the Eric Ethington who used to live in the Bay Area and was condemned by Sheri Dew in March 2004?

    Can I have you email address?




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