What This REALLY Is To The Nation

Alright, I would like to make some further comments on this subject, as I believe that the more we talk about it and the more we keep this tidal wave going, the more likely things are to change.

Right now, our beloved United States of America is on the brink of some major changes. Gay Rights truly are this generations civil rights movement, and the issue is every bit as important, debated and emotional as the 1960’s civil rights movement. People from both sides of the argument are just as passionate, and just as convinced of the truthfulness of their own position as the other is. So how do we figure out who’s right? Well one of my favorite quotes came from a moderator who said that he always knew he was right when neither party was happy. So is it possible to apply that in this situation?

The opposition to Gay Marriage largely comes from the heavily conservative-religious right, who largely oppose on religious and moral grounds, saying that because they believe it is a sin it should be outlawed. The general feeling comes in large-part from a fear base, fear that God, fear of a change (both socially and religiously), fear of “what will this lead to?”, and fear of the unknown. The conservatives believe on a fundamental level that there can be no question of their correctness, because they are speaking on behalf of, or on the side of God, whom cannot be questioned.

At the same time, the support for Gay Marriage comes largely from Liberal Left and the medium of the country, who historically are in charge of bringing about most of the change to the country. They believe primarily in equality, for all people, and support others rights, even if it offends them.

So who is right? Well I wouldn’t decide for you, but here are my beliefs. I believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they wish, whether that is God, their own morality, equal rights, or tolerance. I believe that any religion definitely has the right to choose to preach against homosexuality. That those who choose to believe that the Bible’s definition of “abomination” means the same today that it did 2000 years ago in a different languageĀ and culture have an absolute right to believe that. I also believe that no one has the right to tell another person that they are 2nd class, that because they were born different, they should not be allowed to have the same rights and privileges of the majority. I believe that you everyone has the right to be a Mormon, or to be Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Atheist, without fear of getting treated as somehow lesser because of it.

When it comes down to it. No one has the right to lecture another human being on morality. A preacher may stand up and say what he “believes” to be moral, but his definition only extends as far as those who want to believe it with him/her. Our country was founded as a secular nation for a reason. The early pilgrims were fleeing religious oppression, and to prevent our great country from advancing down the same path, they set up certain guidelines intentionally to protect each of its citizens. First and foremost, was the equality of all people; that no citizen has more rights than another.

And you don’t have to belong to the majority to find acceptance.


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