Had to Show You This


Had to share this everybody. This sign is at a local bike shop in Salt Lake City, at 33rd S and Highland Dr. Congrats Utah.


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  1. Posted by Michael Mueller on November 22, 2008 at 1:00 pm


    I drove by this morning once the business was open. It must have been a stupid ignorant prank done afterhours since the sign has changed to one advertising a harmless bike sale.



  2. When did you take the picture? Is it still up?


  3. Thanks, Eric. I plan to drop a large chunk of change on a bike in time to ride next spring. My last bike was stolen out of my garage. Anyway, this one won’t be getting my business. Can you confirm whether this is Highland Cyclery or Hyland Cyclery? Both are in that area, and with it being dark, I can’t really tell.


  4. Hi! I just drove down to the shop out of curiosity, and the sign has changed. I asked the staff about it, and they insisted, “We don’t feel that way at all. ” They said some kids or other vandals probably were responsible. One guy said the letters on their sign have been “rearranged to say everything under the sun.”

    The whole thing is pretty sad.


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