LDS church says “no comment” on Equality Utah’s call for legislative support.

Still no response from the LDS church to Equality Utah’s call for them to support the 5 new bills which will come up in the 2009 legislative session. Church spokespeople told the Associated Press that they wouldn’t have any comment on the subject.

It’s interesting, and makes me wonder if perhaps these bills might actually have a chance this time. When similar bills came up in past sessions, the Mormon church was adamant in their opposition of anything that could be even remotely construed as pro Gay Rights, and the bills were pretty easily defeated. However, times have changed, and with the enormous wave of support behind the Gay Marriage movement, as well as the fallout from the Church’s involvement in the California Prop 8 fiasco, they might be forced to give a little to public desire.

In the past, anti Gay Rights bills have had slim chance of passing in Utah, which is known for its extremist conservative views, and the slowness towards which it approaches anything which might be considered progressive or liberal. This is all largely due to a uniquely high level of citizens and public officials so actively being involved in a far right religion which is not passive in any way. But the Mormon Church may have hog-tied itself this time around, for while I don’t believe that it actually does support civil unions or domestic partnerships, it had to concede at least that much in the first days after Prop 8 passed, when such an enormous anti-mormon sentiment was sweeping across the nation. But now, with Equality Utah and other organizations moving forward with these 5 bills on the Church’s supposed go ahead, they may have to support, or at least not oppose, these bills if they want to avoid looking even more hypocritical.

From the AP ( ):

Equality Utah said Monday it will help draft five bills for the 2009 session, which starts in January. Three of the bills seek equal treatment for domestic partners on hospitalization, medical care, housing, employment and probate rights.

A fourth bill would create a domestic partner registry. The fifth would repeal a part of Utah’s marriage-defining constitutional amendment that Equality Utah Public Policy Manager Will Carlson said has been “misinterpreted to avoid any recognition of gay couples.”


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by ali on November 20, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    you go, equality utah. you go make the lds church walk the walk.

    i tip my glass to you


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