For Those Who Say, “Why Protest? It’s over”

For all those who have commented on why the LGBT community (and others) are protesting the outcome of Prop 8 in California, and the laws in Arizona and Florida as well.

I must say I’m almost glad at this point that Prop 8 passed. No one believed it would happen it seems. Everyone thought, “Well it’s California, no way any anti-same sex marriage law will ever pass.” And although there were several extremely courageous and hard-working groups working to defeat it, I don’t think the community supported it as they could have, leaning towards complacency instead.

With the passing of these anti-equal rights laws, it almost feels like a sleeping giant has been awakened. All of a sudden voices, and more of them, are being heard everywhere crying out against injustices. So to those who ask what the point of it all is: It IS making a difference!! People are hearing our voices, they’re listening to our stories, and the fight is NEVER over until we are all equal.

Just because one amendment passes doesn’t mean everyone should just give up and go home. It WILL be overturned, and other states will follow, until the entire country accepts this next civil-rights movement. So keep protesting, keep writing, raise your voice at every opportunity, until even the staunchest supporter of traditional marriage cannot hold back the tidal wave of our efforts!


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  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself my friend.


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