Older and Younger generations. Interview with 2 active LDS women on Prop 8 and Gay Rights.

So I thought I’d try something new today. Instead of just posting my own opinions, I went out and interviewed a few people on the Proposition 8 / Gay Marriage subject. Both women are active in the LDS faith, Julie is 38, and lives in SLC suberbia and I met her in line at Little Caesars pizza and we spoke while waiting for our orders. Mandy is a 19 year old University of Utah student, we met and spoke at Greenhouse Effect. I walked them both through a series of questions, and with their permission, here are their answers. Let me know what you think!

What did you know about the LDS church’s involvement in California’s Proposition 8 prior to elecion night?
Julie: I was pretty involved in it actually. I heard about it through my Bishop over the summer, and I had some friends who drove out to California to help with the door-to-door campaigns.
Mandy: I knew that the Church was against Gay Marriage in general, but I didn’t find out until the elections that they were involved politically.

How do you feel about Gay Marriage yourself?
Julie: I’m opposed to it, I don’t believe that’s what God wants.
Mandy: Not against it myself. On homoseuality I think they’re the nicest people and they’re just normal people and we shouldn’t judge them any differenly.

How do you feel about the Church being involved in a political way?
Julie: I think it’s great! They are getting involved on behalf of one of the Church’s big beliefs.
Mandy: I’m actually pissed off about it. We’re supposed to love everyone!

The Church donated millions of dollars (around 20) to the support of Prop 8. Do you think that was a good use of resources?
Julie: Absolutely. That’s what the money is there for! To help spread the gospel and further God’s plan.
Mandy: No way, that money should go towards building more churches and taking missionaries to different countries rather than against gay marriage. I hope that wasn’t tithing money the used! (it wasn’t)

How do you feel about the Church getting involved politically? Especially when it’s leaders have said in the past it doesn’t?
Julie: I thought it was a little bit of an iffy risk, but it was definately for a good purpose.
Mandy: I think that they say that they won’t do political things, but they are now. It shocks me. I think it’s thrediculous for a religion to become this involved in politics.

What are your feelings about the Church asking local members to donate extra time and money for the support of Proposition?
Julie: I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t like that. It felt a little odd. They didn’t approach me about it, I just heard about it. But I’m not sure if we should be asking for non-strictly religious funding.
Mandy: I think the church has no right to try to push money out of people, we didn’t decide as a group to against this (I asked her to follow up on that) It seems like more of political activism at this point, and if that’s the case, we should all have had a say as to whether or not to do it.

Do you consider yourself to be a faithful member of the Church?
Julie: Absolutely, I was raised this way, and have felt the truthfulness of the gospel all my life.
Mandy: I consider myself a faithful member of the church yes. I go to church almost every Sunday

The Church teaches that the 1st Presidency will always teach correctly when they speak together, so how does that make you feel about this?
Julie: That just backs up my feeling about this. I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but when the Prophet says something, that’s it, I know he’s speaking for the Lord.
Mandy: I believe most the the things that the prophet and leadership says. I think they made a mistake [on this]. That is not something that we should judge anyone on.

(To Mandy only)
Will this cause problems between you and the Church?
Mandy: This causes a rift between me and the church, I’ll keep going, but I’m going to continue to talk to my leaders about this.

How do you feel about marriage in general, and are you married?
Julie: Yes I’m married. Marriage is an amazing thing, and is one of the most rewarding experiences on Earth. But at the same time, it’s primary function is to follow the commandment to replenish the Earth, and gays can’t do that.
Mandy: I’m so excited to get married, and be able to share my life with someone. Thinking that they’re taking that away from others (she begins to cry), it really hurts. (She’s not married).

How (overall) do you think God feels about this?
Julie: I believe that he spoke to our leaders and this was his plan. So I’m sure he’s pleased that we followed through.
One of the things I’ve learned, things happen for a reason. God made people gay for a reason, you cannot help your feelings. With the marriage thing, when my sister got married, that emotion of going through that together, why should we take that away from others?

Do you think that the Church will ever change it’s policy on Gay Marriage as it did on people of color holding the priesthood?
Julie: Probably not. We can’t know God’s mind, but I think he has told us that it is a sin for a reason.
I think the church will eventually realize this is embarrassing and will allow gay marriage in their own religion, and allow temple gay marriages. Gay marriage will help people become more accepting, and will help so many children find wonderful homes.

I guess this experience has really made me wonder what the future will bring when this younger generation takes over.


**Parts of the 2 interviews were not included, however no meanings, or phrasing were changed by the author. 





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