Victory for Democrats! But 3 steps forward and 2 backwards for Human Rights.

What more proof do we need that the nation is divided? On the same day that turns out record numbers of voters nationwide, most of whom are voting either for the first time, or for the first time for a Democrat, we also see a pull back for Human Rights.

Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama! It’s amazing to see an African-American become President of the United States for the first time ever, and I’m incredibly excited to see what he’s able to accomplish in the next 4 (hopefully 8 ) years.

However, due to unprecedented and enormous support, both financial and physical, by coalitions for anti-gay marriage. Proposition 8 passed in California (also AZ and FL), denying same-sex couples of their right to marry and enjoy the privileges straight couples have. This leaves the country with only 2 states that support and have legalized gay marriage, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

It’s an interesting phenomenon isn’t it? We have grown enough as a country to apparently overcome huge racial divides, and yet not enough still to be able to recognize that we are ALL human beings and deserve the same rights and priveledges as each of our neighbors.

Many are, of course, not surprised by the results of Proposition 8, and indeed even expected it after so many rejections in the past. The Supreme Court’s new ruling, only coming into effect months ago, couldn’t last. However, we must keep something in mind this time, there WAS something different about this election. This wasn’t the same baseless bias that normally accompanies anti-gay movements. Remember that many organizations, including the LDS (Mormon) church, moved passed just preaching against it in the church houses, but came out as a pseudo political party to campaign against it. It amazes me that people can believe in something that can ignore, and openly go against it’s own tenants, in order to uphold some of it’s other tenants.

Remember that famous quote? “The Church does not become involved in politics. We don’t favor any candidate. We don’t permit our buildings to be used for political purposes. We don’t favor any party.”
– Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, Larry King Live, television program, Sept 8. 1998

Guess that no longer applies? Oh well, just as God apparently changed his mind about polygamy as soon as it became illegal, then he changed his minds about African-Americans holding the priesthood as soon as the civil rights movement was going strong, I’m sure he’ll change his mind about Gay Rights as soon as it starts swinging that way to.

A quick word to all the young voters who voted for the first time last night. Congratulations! It really is fantastic that you got involved, and you made a difference! But now you can’t let it die! The fight isn’t over! I don’t care what your political beliefs are, Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative etc.. You need to stay involved, you need to make your voices heard! Write, protest, learn, teach, this is how countries are changed, this is how you can make your world a better place. As President-elect Obama said, “there is no end to what we can accomplish when we stand together” (paraphrased).

By the way, an enormous THANK YOU to Barack Obama for his acceptance speech! That was the first time homosexuals have ever been recognized during a presidential acceptance speech. One step ahead at a time!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ali on November 6, 2008 at 12:22 pm

    oh the times we live in. all in the same day, a black man becomes president, and in a state where gays are denied equal rights, chickens win the right to stretch their wigs. what the fuck, california. what the fuck.

    and don’t get me started on all the other states that reinacted their own version of ‘separate but equal’ that failed decades ago. at least colorado somewhat dislodged their collective head from their collective ass.


  2. Posted by Mozaroven on November 6, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    1) you have a little typo on your last paragraph, “speech.”

    2) In response to your second to last paragraph which calls for all political parties to make their voices heard… I do believe that they DID make their voices heard with the conclusion of Prop. 8. The majority that voted did not want gay marriage, and they made it clear… and they won. Ta Da… 3 cheers for democracy.
    But wait… almost every blog you write is about secular thought, personal beliefs, voting for what you think is right, yada yada… and yet you sit there and preach that if people DO NOT believe in the same values that YOU do… they are wrong, naive, and ignorant. Quite frankly, you are a hypocrite. Don’t preach about not forcing opinions on other people when you yourself have done that very thing in every single blog. You pick fights with everyone just because they have a different opinion then you. Stop being such a self-righteous ball of biased opinions!


  3. Posted by ethingtoneric on November 6, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    In response to Mozaroven:

    Let me make sure that you understand exactly why I say and feel what I do. I did call for all political parties and groups to make their voices heard. And even if they don’t agree with me (as in the case of Prop 8 ), I am still incredibly glad that they were involved and interested in the topics. You don’t hear me calling for people I disagree with to go live in a cave etc..
    And yes, I do believe that people that disagree with me on this topic are wrong, naive, and/or ignorant, but that’s my right to believe that, just as I strongly uphold their right to feel otherwise (right or wrong).
    I have made this next comment several times before, but it aplies to your last point as well. What I fight for (kit kat), equal rights for all, does not mean that I want to force my opinions on others. I am not FORCING straight couples to not get married, I am not FORCING them to even act any differently towards same-sex couples. What I DO fight for, is that anyone and everyone, regardless of whether they are male or female, black or white, gay or straight, tall or short, all should stand equal before the law.


  4. Posted by ali on November 7, 2008 at 7:53 am

    hm…if i remember correctly, one of the foundations of belief in this country was to protect both majority AND minority rights. and gosh, if that makes ‘secular’, ‘ignorant’, etc then i guess i am, Moz.

    oh and thank you internet for allowing me to stretch my free speech muscles. don’t you love well-made law? i know i do.


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