Obama advocates Socialism?

Well, the word of the week has been the dreaded SOCIALISM!! Welcome back to the 50’s folks. The McCain campaign has been pretty vigorous this week with claims that Sen. Obama’s middle-class tax cuts are a “Spread the Wealth” Socialist effort.

This doesn’t really warrant much attention, as just the latest in a seemingly never-ending parade of ditch-effort claims (my personal favorite was the Terrorist). It really does show some insight though into McCain’s mind. The Trickle-Down plan, which has been in effect for the past 8 or so years, was louded and praised by so many people as the answer, but has now proven itself ineffective, and in fact harmful to the middle and lower classes. However, now when there’s a proposal to cut the taxes for the middle class, it Socialism? The ideas floating around are astounding! I got an email forward today comparing it to going to a restaurant, but then tipping the homeless guy outside instead of the server. Good grief.

I guess it’s to be expected though isn’t it? Who has the most political clout, and the loudest voice in the country? Is it the working class? Or is it the people with the most excess cash, and the multi-million dollar companies? Of course any plan that threatens to take any additional revenue from them is evil and must be destroyed any way possible.

Doesn’t Sen. Obama’s plan make sense though (at least to those of us making less than $250k a year)? If you make more, you can afford to pay a bit more in taxes. If you’re making less than that, you pay a little less, allowing you to put more money into savings, retirement, and back into the market! Yes it’s true that the upper echelons of society might have to go with a lower Jaguar model, but don’t worry, I’m sure that the leather interior smells just as good šŸ™‚


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