Local Politics

As many know, I like to volunteer for the Young Democrats of Utah. This election cycle, their overall campaign slogan has been focused around “16 Votes.”

In 2006, one of the local Democratic candidates, Laura Black (I believe), lost to her Republican opponent by only 18 votes. That just seems insane! You never hear anything like that in a presidential race, because of the electoral college process. Sometimes I think people tend to forget that in the races that truly matter the most to your individual community, every vote truly does count.

I think that’s why I’m so cynical of our voting process sometimes. I tend to get more worked up and excited by national and international issues, but living in a state by Utah, my vote really doesn’t count for much, being blue. I understand that the electoral college was extremely necessary back in the day, because most people in the country had little to do with the presidential candidates, not having the luxury of radio, tv etc. People just rarely had the opportunity to learn anything about race, or the issues involved. But in today’s world, we all see the news, and most people have at least a basic knowledge of the candidates and their positions. So why can’t we just do away with the college, and count the vote outright. It seems as if that would be the truer form of democracy anyway, where the President is the person who actually received the majority of the vote, not the majority of the delegates. Government by the people right?

So what’s my point with all this? In this election season, everyone is very focused on Obama and McCain, which is great; But don’t forget about your local elections! Those are the people who are going to directly effect your lives the fastest, and although they may not shape the world, your personal world doesn’t extend (normally) beyond your local district. So go vote!!!!


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