Joe the Plumber


Wow, so Joe the Plumber. So interesting to hear how interested the nation is in this one guy. He’s been pretty thoroughly commented on already so I won’t waste much space, but isn’t it hilarious what people’s backgrounds actually show? One man questions one of the presidential candidates’ tax plans, and all of a sudden he’s the focus of the final presidential debate, his name being mentioned 26 times! Then later, we find out that he not only owes back taxes and has a lein on his home because of it. He also is not even a plumber, but works for a plumber, and has no current possibilities of starting his own company. Oh, and he actually would be saving money under Obama’s plan, and would lose money under Mccain. Sigh.. when will people learn that if they’re going to criticize the powerful (or at least most public) people in the world, they need to be prepared to have every aspect of their lives ripped open? It’s a little pathetic of the media I think that they were that interested in this one man, but he brought it on himself a little I think, he didn’t have to do any of the interviews.

Oh yeah, and Joe also said that he thought it was horrible and mean of the media to dig into his personal life, as he was getting on a plane to do some talkshows in New York. wow…….


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